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Performance of aluminized liquid film for aseptic packaging

in order to solve the problems of short shelf life of packaging materials and high price of five layer co extruded aseptic packaging materials, Hangzhou Xinming packaging company developed a new product "aluminized liquid film" that can divide carton enterprises into three categories of aseptic packaging materials, and obtained national patent recognition

the aluminum plated liquid film uses the high barrier property of the aluminum layer to make the oxygen resistance of the film reach 4.86cc/m2 · D. its oxygen resistance is very good. As long as the aseptic treatment technology and equipment pass the customs, the shelf life of the milk packaged with this packaging material can reach more than 90 days. In addition, because the printing technology of this material adopts inner printing technology, the material can be used in various environments, and the appearance is very beautiful

the aluminized liquid film has the following advantages:

1. Using the internal printing process, there will be no fading, and the ink color is more bright and sanitary

2. The ink is no longer in direct contact with hydrogen peroxide, because 4. Whether the tensile speed of the electronic universal testing machine meets the standard, so there will be no pollution

3. the composite process adopts thick film, which can achieve the effect of no sand hole and no leakage

4. The aluminum layer has a good metallic luster. Through the use of pattern design and some special inks,

the packaging becomes more bright

5. The inner layer is made of high-performance resin material, and the heat sealing performance is very good

Hydraulic power source of fatigue testing machine

6. The price is moderate, and the shelf life is more than 90 days

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