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Meitong BMW exhibition new posture, new products, new height

Meitong environment-friendly renewable multifunctional asphalt mixing plant (star product)

BMW exhibition 2016 is about to begin, the construction machinery industry is boiling again, and the pavement industry is also constantly pouring out new attractions. In recent years, Meitong construction machinery has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation, paid attention to talent development, focused on the development of pavement equipment manufacturing industry, and led the industry. This year, Meitong will display a series of equipment, such as large tonnage maintenance vehicles with the latest technology in the industry, fiber asphalt macadam synchronous sealing vehicles with the highest praise for construction in Beijing, powder spreaders with the hottest technology, and multifunctional snow removal vehicles with the most complete functions, so as to set a new height for the industry

Meitong construction machinery continues to introduce high-end technology. We are banning more plastics from entering our marine and land talents, and constantly optimizing the product sequence to form three series of products: asphalt road maintenance equipment series, asphalt stations, recycling and asphalt processing equipment series, and emergency snow removal equipment series, becoming one of the enterprises with the widest coverage in the field of road construction and maintenance equipment manufacturing

large tonnage maintenance vehicles (BMW exhibition site products)

with the increasingly developed domestic road brittle material spring tension and compression testing machine used in product design, road construction has turned to the era of road maintenance. In the era of highway maintenance, the demand for maintenance machinery is increasing, and environmental protection is particularly important. In order to meet the needs of the market, Meitong construction machinery has carried out technical exchanges and R & D cooperation with foreign advanced enterprises, and invited domestic asphalt recycling experts to participate in the design. MEITONG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. grandly launched environment-friendly multi-function asphalt mixing plant, roller type thermal regeneration maintenance vehicle, dual bin regeneration maintenance vehicle, comprehensive maintenance vehicle and multi-function snow removal vehicle. Once launched, the environment-friendly multi-functional asphalt mixing plant has gained great reputation, and customers have signed a contract to purchase it, which is expected to be delivered for use at the end of the year

new road comprehensive maintenance vehicle (star product)

2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition Meitong construction machine exhibition products are asphalt fiber gravel synchronous sealing vehicle, mobile thermal regeneration maintenance vehicle, dual bin regeneration maintenance vehicle, powder distributor vehicle and multi-function snow removal vehicle

new multi-function snow removal vehicle (BMW exhibition site product)

Meitong construction machine is committed to professional equipment manufacturing and process construction solutions to promote the progress of the domestic highway industry. Cast high-quality products with ingenuity and constantly optimize services, but build the core competitiveness of the enterprise in CPLD. In more than ten years, the group's scale has been significantly expanded and its comprehensive strength has been significantly improved, which is inseparable from the company's adherence to the concept of "innovative future height, professional and lasting quality"

the latest cutting-edge powder distributor (BMW exhibition site product)

the country's first fiber asphalt macadam three in one synchronous sealing car (BMW exhibition site product)

Meitong BMW exhibition site has prepared a variety of new processes and new equipment for the industry, hoping to bring inexhaustible power to the development of the industry

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