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Meitushi took advantage of Shunde's transfer of Dongfeng to Chongzhou enclosure development

Shunde meitushi chemical plans to invest a huge amount of money to build a production base in Chongzhou Industrial Zone, which accounts for 800 mu of the force required to measure its expansion and tear, for the production of coatings, furniture paints and energy-saving building materials. As the flagship enterprise of coatings in Guangdong Province, Metso is quite representative. At the end of last month, Shunde coating chamber of Commerce signed a preliminary framework agreement with Wujiang District, Shaoguan City. Shunde coating enterprises will significantly transfer to Shaoguan Wujiang industrial park this year to occupy more market share. The transfer enterprises account for nearly 20% of the coating enterprises in Shunde, which has been described by many media as the "group transfer" of Shunde coating enterprises, and has also triggered the discussion of the industrial ecology of Shunde, the "hometown of Chinese coatings". What is the matter with the massive transfer of coating enterprises? What does it mean for Shunde coating industry? To this end, I visited relevant experts and scholars, and went to Shunde to find out what was going on after the troublesome FM operation

expansion or enclosure

it is generally believed that the increasingly stringent safety standards are the main reason for the transfer of enterprises. This year is the first time for the state to issue a dangerous chemicals safety production license. According to the requirements of the provincial safety supervision department, all dangerous chemicals production enterprises must complete the license renewal in June this year. The requirements of the new construction standard on the fire separation between coating plants are much higher than the old standard, which makes many Shunde coating enterprises that have previously passed the fire inspection unable to find ways to rectify and meet the standards. Many small and medium-sized coating enterprises have a headache about how to pass the inspection of the safety supervision department

hujingzhao, honorary president of Shunde coating chamber of Commerce, said that if the current new standards are implemented, more than 70% of Shunde coating enterprises will fail to pass the audit. And "the manufacturer who cannot get the license can only stop production or transfer" the flexible cord and load 104 make the minimum horizontal displacement

in an interview, Li Funian, a specially invited researcher of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, said: Shaoguan Wujiang transfer park and more than 20 coating industries in Shunde have only signed an intention agreement at present, and it is uncertain how many enterprises will choose to settle in Shaoguan in the end. "These enterprises did not move out of Shunde. Their factories in Shunde did not shut down. They just expanded outward and invested in establishing new production bases. They put eggs in two baskets." He said

however, he also said that paint enterprises mostly take materials through material traders and general agents, and most of these traders are concentrated in big cities. Therefore, from this point of view, there is no obvious change when the factory is built in Shaoguan or Shunde. The external expansion of powerful enterprises is due to market considerations, but many small and medium-sized enterprises blindly expand just for "enclosure". With the support of the government's industrial transfer policy, the land prices of many transferred lands are very cheap

"buy land when it's cheap, but it's not sure what to do or what to do after you get the land." He believes that many local enterprises in Shunde lack brand building and communication awareness. Some enterprises are unwilling to invest in R & D or brand publicity, but choose the way out of enclosure

"many bosses are unwilling to invest in technological R & D and innovation. Most coating enterprises can only be called private enterprises rather than famous enterprises. This is determined by the high vision and strategic ability of enterprise bosses." Li said

is it possible for Shunde coating enterprises to really move from expansion in other places to relocation? Li Funian boldly predicted that there would be no industrial hole in five to ten years. According to Li Funian, at present, the chamber of Commerce and Shunde municipal government are discussing to open up a new land in Shunde for the paint industry to build new plants, hoping to upgrade on the spot in accordance with the new environmental protection standards

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