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Mestar crawler mobile crushing equipment set off a "innovation" tide of construction machinery

mestar crawler mobile crushing equipment set off a "innovation" tide of construction machinery

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at present, China vigorously promotes the "new infrastructure of Engineering", focuses on cultivating new drivers of economic growth, accelerates China's industrial development, and improves production capacity. Sand and stone are the most basic and indispensable building materials in engineering construction. The fierce competition is inevitable. Machine-made sand and stone account for about 70% of the domestic sand and stone market. In recent years, machine-made sand and stone production has rapidly changed into a large-scale intensive mechanized automatic chemical plant. Crushers with stronger efficiency and higher cost performance have become the mechanical production equipment pursued by machine-made sand and stone factories

the traditional fixed equipment has a huge investment in production, and the project site needs to build a concrete foundation for fixation, and the site must be rehabilitated after completion, which is too expensive. Moreover, the fixed equipment has a high degree of automation and convenient operation. The fixed type needs to be installed and debugged for a long time before it is put into production, which is difficult to transfer, and it takes a considerable amount of time for the production of the enterprise. Power also needs to ensure the supply of electricity, especially 70 production lines. In remote areas, distribution stations or generators need to be built to cooperate with motors. At the same time, the whole production line needs the cooperation of more than ten people, which requires high human investment. The machine parts of fixed equipment are not unified. If the parts are damaged, the maintenance cost is quite high. The whole production line has a high loss rate. Generally, only the main body of the crusher can be transferred as second-hand equipment, and the price is low

as a new enterprise of construction machinery construction, mestar has been focusing on the research and development of mobile crushing and screening, and has designed several mobile crushing series products, all of which adopt the latest and highest quality and process standards. The mobile crushing station has a shorter time to put into use, which can create profits more quickly. Moreover, the mobile crushing equipment of Maestro can enter the production state at any time, which can reduce the time of equipment installation and commissioning. The whole production cycle of the equipment only needs 35. At the same time, the production cost of maesta mobile crushing station is low and it can be moved at any time, so as to minimize the cost of short-distance transportation of engineering machinery, such as material transfer vehicles, in order to maximize the proximity to materials. In addition, it can be quickly put into production at other construction sites, and has strong environmental adaptability, so that it can be produced anytime and anywhere

maesta crawler type support equipment can move to the working position from uneven ground, and does not need other additional support on stable ground, reducing civil engineering costs. Compared with fixed equipment, the power consumption of crawler mobile equipment can be reduced. In addition, the power of maesta mobile crushing equipment can also choose to adopt the power mode of oil and electricity, with various power sources. The whole production line only needs four people to operate, automatic management, coordinated use of wireless remote control and wired remote control, simple operation, and minimizing human investment. As a domestic brand, maesta has guaranteed after-sales service of mechanical equipment, unified management of vulnerable parts, convenient maintenance and saving daily maintenance costs. Even as a second-hand equipment, it can fully maintain its value, easy to transfer and low capital loss

the crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment of Maestro can be used in almost all fields of mine construction, Quarrying and recycling. Whether in terms of investment cost or production efficiency, maesta crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment is the best choice for machine-made sand and gravel factories. At the moment when the state vigorously advocates industrial transformation, enterprises have turned to invest in low-cost and high-quality machinery and equipment. Crawler mobile crushing equipment takes this opportunity to set off the "innovation" tide of construction machinery, promote the machine-made gravel industry to establish and continuously improve the production and application standard and specification system, and provide more sufficient raw materials for the construction industry

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