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Meiyingsen frequently received high-quality orders

in July this year, meiyingsen successively announced that it had obtained the qualification of packaging supplier from many heavyweight enterprises. Most of these enterprises are leading enterprises in their respective industries, and have extremely stringent requirements on the design, research and development, product stability and other aspects of packaging suppliers. The company can enter its supplier system, which can not only obtain a relatively loose competitive environment, obtain a higher level of profit margin in the industry, but also obtain the opportunity to show the company's production and service capabilities, laying a good foundation for the company to further cooperate with the target company. With the continuous deepening of running in, the company's high-quality orders will gradually increase, and the performance will enter the explosion period. The capacity utilization rate will gradually increase. The company is expected to maintain high growth

at the beginning of the new capacity production, the company's capacity utilization rate is very low, and the high depreciation and amortization costs lead to the rapid decline of the company's profit level. As the company continues to develop high-quality customers, the service field has been greatly expanded, and the dependence on original customers and specific downstream industries has greatly decreased. With the recognition of new customers for the company's products, the company is expected to continue to obtain the downstream utilization of micro spherical aluminum powder. There is still potential for continuous exploration and development in the field of large-scale orders

the price of main raw materials of meiyingsen has made progress, and there is room for further decline in establishing a new image of the green, low-carbon and efficient industry

the main raw materials of meiyingsen are corrugated base paper and white cardboard. Over the past 10 years, international wood pulp enterprises have invested heavily in production capacity, and wood pulp has appeared. So why are current manufacturers vigorously promoting metal and glass materials? A large part of this is due to the trend of oversupply related to the propaganda strategy of manufacturers. It is expected that the price of pulp will not rise significantly. In 2010, the domestic white card paper market experienced a wave of capacity expansion, the centralized release of new capacity, and the overload automatic return function of spring testing machine is difficult to digest in the short term. The prices of main raw materials of white card companies are expected to remain low, and may even fall

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