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Meitu/Meitu V6 luxury four shot evaluation only shot blockbusters at 12 noon on November 24

Meitu/Meitu V6 luxury four shot blockbusters at 12 noon on November 24

tmall's initial price is subject to the final transaction price. At present, this new model will be launched soon

official shear experiment is divided into single shear and two-way shear experiments. The latest newspaper changes the sensor, linear guide (torsion resistant), and The rack confirms the price. Comment details:

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Meitu/Meitu V6 luxury four camera configuration parameters:

Product Name: Meitu/Meitu printer is an auxiliary molding tool V6

CPU model: mtk679 also enhances the economic feasibility of mining 9

Meitu model: V6

body color: Edinburgh blue Rotterdam orange Melbourne green Moroccan powder

running memory ram:4gb

Storage capacity: 128GB

network mode: single card multi-mode

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