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According to comprehensive media reports, the 2010 annual general meeting of shareholders of Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was held in the company's expanded conference room on April 8, 2011. Caizhangping, chairman of the company, stressed that in 2011, while continuing to tap innovation potential and tackle key indicators, the company will vigorously optimize the product structure of the company and enhance the competitiveness of its products. The company plans to produce 8.2 million tons of pig iron, 8.7 million tons of steel and 8.27 million tons of steel in 2011, which is expected to achieve an operating revenue of 37.256 billion yuan and a net profit of 112 million yuan

According to Cai Zhangping's analysis, China's steel industry and market will enter a post expansion period under the background of accelerating the transformation of the economic development mode. On the one hand, the steel market is still in a high and stable consumption stage, and there is a broad living space; On the other hand, the market expansion space is shrinking day by day. It is believed that in the future, it will develop to a longer life and unprotected. Enterprises are facing the transformation of business mode, which may form a forced mechanism to promote the transformation of iron and steel enterprises. In 2011, China's steel demand will continue to grow. With the promotion of the overall development strategy of Shandong Iron and Steel Group, the industrial concentration of the company will continue to improve. The approval of the blue economic zone plan of Shandong Peninsula will also be conducive to the rapid development of Shandong shipbuilding industry and steel industry. If we can effectively use the advantages of regional development. 6. We can realize the sample policy advantages of a variety of different installation methods, and the regional competitiveness of the company will be greatly improved

in terms of product R & D and product structure adjustment in 2011, the company plans to further increase the proportion of thin specification products and expand the cold-rolled base materials of wide and thin specifications; Increase the development of automotive steel products, realize the testing of Jinan testing machine, and pay attention to the serialization of automotive steel products and full coverage of specifications; Increase the proportion of pipeline steel, corrosion-resistant (weathering) steel, container welding steel, structural steel and other products with certain benefits and high qualification rate; Increase the production proportion of checkered plate and hot-rolled pickling coil, and constantly increase the market development of pickling coil products with "heat instead of cold"; Reduce the production proportion of common carbon, low alloy and other products with lower revenue ranking, and dynamically adjust the order receiving proportion of products according to the change of revenue ranking

with regard to the restructuring of Jinan Iron and Steel Group and Laiwu Iron and steel group concerned by investors, Cai Zhangping pointed out that the composition of the actual meteorite includes 90% iron, 8% nickel and phosphorus and a small amount of cobalt. Shandong Iron and steel restructuring is the general trend. In the future, 80% of Shandong's steel production capacity will be concentrated under Shandong Iron and Steel Group, Shandong's steel industry will be transferred from the mainland to the coast, the backward production capacity will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, and the high-end high-quality steel production capacity will replace it

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