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Jinan has demolished 28.9 million square meters this year! Key road areas have basically completed the task. On the 28th, Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian learned from the promotion meeting on the comprehensive environmental improvement of Confucian Merchants' conference held by Jinan Urban Management Bureau that up to now, 30848 illegal constructions have been demolished in Jinan this year, about 28.9 million square meters. 4489 plaques and signs on the roof were removed, about 255000 square meters, and 28997 illegal outdoor advertisements and plaques and signs were removed, about 1.438 million square meters. The tasks of main roads and key areas have been basically completed

at the meeting, the principals of Jinan Urban Management Bureau elaborated on the current work in Jinan, such as dismantling violations and temporary buildings, rectifying road occupation operations, improving urban billboards and lighting

"after the preparatory meeting for the Confucian Merchants' conference, Jinan Urban Management Bureau immediately established a leading group for comprehensive environmental improvement, formulated a comprehensive environmental improvement plan for the Confucian Merchants' conference, and immediately held a work deployment meeting. In the process of promotion, regular scheduling, timely follow-up and strengthening supervision." The task of improving landscape lighting construction in 97 road sections, 320 individual buildings and 30 areas was determined. At present, 32 road street lighting facilities have been upgraded, including the main roads around the "one lake and one ring road", both sides of the second ring elevated road, Jingshi Road, Jingshi East Road, Jingshi West Road, xiongshan Road, Weier Road, both sides of Xiaoqing River, as well as the scenic spots of the Olympic Sports Center, Quancheng Road, West Railway Station, railway station and other areas, indicating that the force measuring piston should be replaced, and the lighting effect should be significantly improved. About 26000 person times of mobile vendors were banned, with a height of 10. The maximum experimental space: about 11000 times of focusing on key parts during the peak period of 600mm (including collets), and about 20000 places of disorderly placing outside the store and "tongue sticking" operation were standardized, which effectively improved the environment

the relevant person in charge of Jinan Urban Management Bureau said that in the next step, during the Confucian Merchants conference, the venue, the venues for various activities and the surrounding eight hotels where the delegates stayed will continue to increase the management and regulation of road occupation, increase the law enforcement force, keep an eye on the top 24 hours a day, strictly prevent sticking to it, and resolutely ban road occupation. We will continue to unswervingly promote the in-depth implementation of the urban upgrading project, actively benchmarking, and spare no effort to promote urban management to a new level, so as to make new and greater contributions to building a new image of the city that is "clean, orderly, harmonious and beautiful" and a modern provincial capital city that is "strong, beautiful and prosperous"

(Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian Zhang Xiaoyan)

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the opening of Jinan flower expo. The theme beauty of this flower expo is the most fascinating. 25 large-scale theme landscapes are cleverly distributed in various venues. There are more than 200 kinds of exquisite flowers, and they are presented simultaneously for 20

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Jinan traffic police congestion warning during the long holiday: it is difficult to get out of the city on October 1, return to the city on October 5 to 7, and it is difficult to go to the Mid Autumn Festival. The National Day is coming again, and the autumn is a good time to travel. On September 28, according to the data of previous years, Jinan traffic police estimated that during this year's National Day

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top scholars in the world talk about Shandong science and technology innovation: it is suggested to establish an Institute of higher technology. At the symposium, Ding Zhaozhong made suggestions on the development of science and technology in Shandong

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three stories about hospitality Shandong: prepare Lunar New Year moon cakes according to the signs of guests one month in advance. On the 28th, the first Confucian Merchants conference kicked off. Nearly 1200 global guests came to Jinan, Shandong Province, and they received a surprise

Qilu Yidian China has only 6 kinds of commercialized special instruments for life sciences

Jinan has paid the heating fee this winter. The price remains unchanged. The weather will turn cool before October 15. The heating season in Jinan is coming, and the heating fee will also be paid! It is learned from the heating Department that the heating payment this year is cut off

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the Chinese team can assemble in Germany. Qingdao future may produce H135 helicopters. At the symposium held on the afternoon of the 28th, four entrepreneur representatives spoke. Entrepreneurs have shown interest in investing in Shandong and believe that Shan

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"Before the beginning of communication, people feel the strong atmosphere of respecting Confucianism, valuing business and enriching business in Shandong. Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, used blue sky and white cloud to describe the relationship between Shandong and enterprises.

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on September 27, the activity room of the children's blood Endocrinology Department of Qianfo Mountain hospital was full of laughter and laughter, and the long lost smiling face set off the festive atmosphere even hotter. The children who participated in this activity were living in the ward for a long time .


Jinan railway station is expected to send 954600 passengers, with a daily average of 95000, an increase of 132900 people, or 16.2%, compared with the same period in the Gregorian calendar last year. The maximum passenger flow is expected to be on October 1 and 7, respectively, and it is expected to send tourists


in 2018, Jinan introduced excellent talents to the society and announced the proposed personnel. On the 28th, it was learned from Jinan human resources and social security bureau that Jinan will introduce excellent talents to the society in 2018, and municipal institutions intend to introduce personnel into

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the parents of young children suffered from sudden illness, and Jinan bus became an "ambulance" for emergency medical treatment. At about 5 p.m. on the 25th, Jinan bus driver Wang Laiyi drove the K96 bus from west to east to Jingliu Road, 2nd Ring West Road

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Jinan is the most congested road segment, with the most accidents. On September 28, Jinan traffic police predicted the road segment prone to congestion and accidents during this year's national day according to previous data. There is no doubt that the urban landscape

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