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Jinan brake fluid vacuum filling machine wholesale Lirui electric standardization excellent

Jinan brake fluid vacuum filling machine wholesale Lirui electric standardization excellent

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wiring construction specifications, cross connection, spare core length should be left with appropriate allowance, and the four strong weak current circuits should not use the same cable, The frequency converter shall be arranged separately in bundles, including rectifier circuit and inverter circuit. The input AC is converted into DC voltage through rectifier circuit and flat wave circuit, and then the DC voltage is converted into pulse voltage with different width (called pulse width modulation voltage PWM) through the inverter. The purpose of adjusting motor torque and speed can be achieved by driving the motor with this PWM voltage. This working principle leads to the following three kinds of electromagnetic interference: harmonic interference, The rectifier circuit will produce harmonic current, which will produce voltage drop on the impedance of the power supply system, resulting in the distortion of the voltage wave type. This distorted voltage forms a dry test for many electronic equipment, which should be disturbed at 20 ℃ 2 ℃ (because most electronic equipment can only work under the sine wave voltage condition of Gongji South vacuum filling machine wholesale)

the common voltage distortion is the flattening of the top of the sine wave. When the harmonic current is constant, the voltage distortion is more serious in the case of weak power supply. The characteristic of this interference is that it will interfere with the equipment using the same electricity, regardless of the distance between the equipment and the frequency converter;, Radio frequency conducted emission interference because the load voltage is pulse shaped, the current absorbed by the frequency converter from the electricity is also pulse shaped. This pulse current contains a large number of high-frequency components to form radio frequency interference. The characteristic of this interference is that it will interfere with the equipment using the same electricity, regardless of the distance between the equipment and the frequency converter; RF radiation interference, RF radiation interference comes from the input cable and output cable of the frequency converter of Jinan vacuum filling equipment, in the case of the above-mentioned RF conducted emission interference

when there is RF interference current on the input and output cables of the frequency converter, because the cable is equivalent to an antenna, it will inevitably produce electromagnetic wave radiation and radiate interference of 3million square meters of radiation ultrafiltration membrane. The PWM voltage transmitted on the output cable of the frequency converter also contains rich high-frequency components, which will produce electromagnetic wave radiation and form radiated interference. The characteristic of radiated interference is that when other electronic equipment is close to the frequency converter, the interference phenomenon becomes serious, According to the basic principles of electromagnetism, the formation of electromagnetic interference must have three elements: electromagnetic interference source, electromagnetic interference path, system sensitive to electromagnetic interference, in order to prevent interference, hardware anti-interference and software anti-interference can be adopted, among which

hardware anti-interference is the most basic and important anti-interference measure. Generally, the interference is suppressed from two aspects: anti-interference and amplification. The general principle is to suppress and eliminate the interference source, cut off the coupling channel of the system, and reduce the sensitivity of the system interference signal. Specific measures can be taken in Engineering, such as isolation, filtering, shielding and grounding. Precautions for wiring of domestic frequency converters: before wiring, ensure that the power supply has been completely cut off for more than minutes, Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock. It is strictly forbidden to connect the power line with the output UVW of the frequency converter. There is leakage current in the domestic frequency converter itself. In order to ensure safety, the frequency converter and motor must be safely grounded. The grounding wire is generally copper wire with a wire diameter of more than m ㎡, and the grounding resistance is less than ω Transparent ABS resin can be manufactured, and the domestic frequency converter has passed the voltage withstand test before leaving the factory

users can no longer carry out voltage withstand test on the frequency converter. Electromagnetic contactors, absorption capacitors or other resistance capacitance absorption devices can not be installed between the domestic frequency converter and the motor. In order to provide the convenience of wholesale current protection and power-off maintenance through Jinan brake fluid vacuum filling machine on the input side, the frequency converter should be connected to the power supply through the intermediate circuit breaker, and the wiring of the relay input and output circuit (x~xyydo), Stranded wire or shielded wire of more than m ㎡ should be selected. One end of the shielding layer is suspended and the other end is connected to the com terminal of the frequency converter. The wiring length is less than ㎡. In addition to the above precautions, some dangerous operations should be avoided as follows: ensure that the power supply of the frequency converter has been completely cut off, and all LED indicators of the operation key panel are off and wait for more than minutes before wiring operation, Confirm that the DC voltage value between the main circuit terminals p+p- of the domestic frequency converter can start the internal wiring work after falling below DCV. The wiring operation can only be carried out by trained and authorized qualified professionals. Before power on, pay attention to check whether the voltage level of the domestic frequency converter is consistent with the power supply voltage

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