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On the morning of April 26, Jinan held a celebration of the "May Day" International Labor Day and the commendation Conference for model workers and advanced workers. The conference announced the commendation to facilitate the healthy development of the industry and the city's model workers, advanced workers, advanced units and enterprises. Yang Zhongchen, general manager of Linuo Glass Group, won the title of Jinan model worker

he has more than 20 years of enterprise operation and management experience, is the vice president of the Third Council of Shandong daily silicate Association, and has won the special contribution award for China's pharmaceutical packaging industry

over the years, he has paid attention to brand building and international market development, and made outstanding contributions to the company and local economic development. Under his leadership, Linuo heat-resistant glassware, electric light source glass shell, medical glass tube, medical ampoule and vial were rated as Shandong famous brand products, and heat-resistant glassware was rated as a famous and excellent product in China's glass industry. Pressed microwave oven glass products account for about 50% of the domestic market share; Blown electric light source glass shell accounts for 50% of the domestic market share; Boron silicon medicinal ampoules and vials fill the domestic gap, and the products are exported to the United States, Germany, Brazil, Japan, India and other countries. It has been rated as an excellent supplier by Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, a core supplier by Guangdong Midea microwave oven manufacturing Co., Ltd., and a strategic supplier by Galanz Group. Its cooperation with the international market is in full swing

prices rise again and again

he pays attention to technological innovation. With the pursuit of career and tireless professionalism, Rino glass successfully developed and suppressed more than 20 specifications of new products in 2011; Nearly 10 new blowing products have been developed; We have developed 10 types of fresh-keeping box products of lekou lekou; Develop bt180, et25 and other products with high difficulty and high added value. In 2012, he led the technicians to independently develop, design and manufacture the automatic hydraulic universal experimental machine. With its excellent quality material system, he solved the current situation of manual batching for more than a decade, which is of great significance to the improvement of glass automation level

under his leadership, Linuo glass will strive to achieve its business objectives in 2012 in accordance with the fourth five year strategic plan of Linuo group, and successfully design, construct and put into operation the eastward expansion project. Zhonghua glass () Department

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