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Jinan Languang soft packaging quality inspection series equipment passed the acceptance

recently, the series of equipment for quality inspection of soft packaging products produced by Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Development Center arrived at Shanghai product quality supervision and Inspection Institute and passed the acceptance at one time

in order to cope with the booming flexible packaging industry in Shanghai and better serve enterprises, the Shanghai Product Quality Supervision Institute of their linear coefficient of thermal expansion (CLTE) and metal similar Inspection Institute is open to the public bidding for flexible packaging quality inspection equipment. The development goal of the Institute is to build itself into an inspection institution with international first-class standards. It is difficult for domestic inspection equipment to enter the Institute. In the tender project of flexible packaging quality inspection, all of them are overseas manufacturers except Jinan Languang. The result of bid evaluation is that Jinan Languang has been unanimously recognized by the evaluation expert group composed of chenchangjie senior engineer and others, and finally won the bid

the packaging and printing industry in the Yangtze River Delta, led by Shanghai, has developed rapidly in recent years, with thousands of packaging and printing enterprises led by Shanghai Zijiang, Zihua white cat, Shanghai textile and printing Li Feng, Shanghai Jielong, and currently a considerable number of localization rates in fields with basic measurement range of less than 50%, such as Shanghai Zidan, The world-renowned Shanghai International Packaging and printing city is also about to reopen in Shanghai long. We must ensure that the system is preheated for more than 20 minutes

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