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Jinan automation engineering Lirui electric perfect high-end

Jinan automation engineering Lirui electric perfect high-end

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the forward and reverse blocking voltage can achieve the same level. After adding n buffer, the reverse shutdown voltage can only reach dozens of volts, which limits some applications of IGBT Shandong innovation group, The transfer characteristic of IGBT refers to the relationship curve between the output drain current ID and the gate source voltage UGS. It is the same as the transfer characteristic of MOSFET. When the gate source voltage is less than the on voltage UGS (th), the IGBT is in the off state. In most of the drain current range after the IGBT is turned on, the ID and UGS are linear, and the maximum gate source voltage is limited by the maximum drain current, The optimal value is generally about v. the switching characteristic of IGBT in Jinan automation project refers to the relationship between drain current and drain source voltage. When IGBT is in the on state, because its PNP transistor is a wide base transistor

so its b value is very low. Although the equivalent circuit is Darlington structure, the current flowing through MOSFET becomes the main part of the total current of IGBT. At this time, the on-state voltage UDS (on) can be expressed by the following formula. As we all know, the frequency converter is a power control device that uses the on-off effect of power semiconductor devices to convert the power frequency power supply to another frequency, Today, I want you to know about the development of frequency converters in high voltage. With the rapid development of modern power electronic technology and computer control technology, frequency converters have changed with the high voltage. Promoting the technical changes of electrical transmission from different industries has also had a great change effect. For AC speed regulation, they have replaced the form of DC speed regulation, Moreover, it has become a development trend that digital control can be better controlled. There have been great changes in this regard. Frequency converter in AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation is a form of saving electric energy today, in order to better improve the effect of production process

and the significance embodied has changed a lot. It can improve the effect of product quality and improve the operating environment. With its high efficiency change, high power factor change, and excellent speed regulation and air braking performance change, the former high-voltage inverter is composed of silicon controlled rectifier, silicon controlled inverter and other devices, with many disadvantages and large harmonics, It has an impact on the wholesale electricity and motors of Jinan PLC control cabinet. Some new devices developed in recent years will change this situation, such as igbtigctsgct and so on, and the high-voltage inverter composed of them

excellent performance, PWM inverter can be realized, and even PWM rectifier not only has low harmonic, but also greatly improves the power factor. In terms of control, this effect is saved, and in order to better 3D printing, geometric conventions have been changed to improve such production process flow, so the form of expression in this aspect is also of great significance, This is a form of comparison through this aspect, so the effect of frequency conversion will have greater changes. In the use of motor, it will be found that the motor has "leakage" phenomenon, and some even produce electrostatic voltage above v. such a high electrostatic voltage will make people have a tingling sensation, so that people will mistakenly think that the motor "leakage"

in fact, this is only electrical induction. The induced current of electrical induction is usually smaller than that reported by steel union information, and will not have serious consequences. Some on-site use frequency converters to control motors, there will be leakage problems, and the leakage voltage varies from dozens of volts to 200 volts. In view of this problem, here, the causes of this fault are analyzed and explained theoretically as follows. Jinan frequency conversion control cabinet wholesale frequency converters, Weichuang frequency converters, soft starters, After the three ground wires of the inverter control cabinet, PLC control cabinet and motor inverter frame are connected together, they are at the same potential, and are absorbed and discharged through the induction surge filter circuit inside the inverter

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