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Jinan household solar power generation equipment company

with the continuous maturity of China's photovoltaic technology, now solar power generation is also a relatively common form of power generation for residents. It can not only be used in many large-scale power stations, but also many families can start to buy solar power generation equipment relative to small-scale households. Generally, the price of small-scale solar power generation system is not particularly high, the price is about 25000 yuan, and there are many manufacturers of such household small solar power generation systems with props on the market

the solar photovoltaic power generation system is divided into independent light, and most of the faults are caused by the gradual development of slight wear of parts; If fault signs can be found and eliminated at the early stage of parts wear or deterioration, photovoltaic power generation system, photovoltaic power generation system and distributed photovoltaic power generation system: distributed photovoltaic power generation system, also known as distributed power generation or distributed energy supply, refers to the configuration of smaller photovoltaic power generation and supply system at or near the user site to meet the needs of specific users and support the economic operation of existing power distribution, Or meet the requirements of these two aspects at the same time. The basic equipment of distributed photovoltaic power generation system includes photovoltaic cell module, photovoltaic array support, DC combiner box, DC distribution cabinet, parallel inverter, AC distribution cabinet and other equipment, as well as power supply system monitoring device and environmental monitoring device. Its operation mode is that under the condition of solar radiation, the solar cells of the photovoltaic power generation system are then supplied to the downstream product enterprises for deep processing of related products. The array of components converts the solar energy into the output electric energy, which is sent to the DC distribution cabinet through the DC combiner box, and then transformed into AC by the parallel inverter to supply the building's own load. The excess or insufficient power is adjusted by connecting electricity

compared with large roof distributed and ground power stations, household photovoltaic investment is small, and ordinary people can afford it. In some places, some users raised money and lent their hard-earned money to enterprises and individuals in the form of usury, which ended up losing everything without formal channels and legal protection. Invest money on the roof of your home, you can see and touch it, and the income is more than 10%. It will continue to bring stable cash flow for 25 years, which is much higher than the interest rate of the existing bank

what are the advantages of distributed photovoltaic power generation? (1) Simple installation: convenient installation and simple operation; (2) Additional income: make effective use of idle roofs to create additional income; (3) Ultra long life: the photovoltaic power generation system operates stably and reliably, with a service life of more than 25 years, low initial investment, low operation and maintenance cost, high reliability and safety, and long-term and stable investment income; One time investment, long-term benefits. In addition to self use, the excess power generated is sold to power companies, and they can also obtain state subsidies. (4) environmental protection benefits: green energy, clean and environmental protection, effectively alleviate the current increasingly serious haze weather. (5) Free electricity: you can use green electricity for 25 years and longer without being affected by the rise of electricity price. At the same time, you can enjoy the national 20-year distributed photovoltaic electricity price subsidy. Using electricity 8.0 is not as good as generating electricity by yourself, and free electricity can make money

electric two-way meter is widely used in previous photovoltaic metering, but there are many shortcomings: first, the use cost is high, and two meters are required; Second, the wiring is complex and the construction is difficult; Third, it is difficult to maintain. Two way metering watt hour meter is an watt hour meter that can simultaneously measure power consumption and power generation. Both power and electric energy have directions. From the perspective of power consumption, the power consumption is regarded as positive power or positive electric energy; Power generation is regarded as negative power or negative electric energy. The two-way electricity meter can realize the forward and reverse metering and separation of electric energy. Now it has been replaced by numerical control equipment and PC software for storage and separate display. At the same time, it can be equipped with a standard RS485 communication interface through the electricity meter to realize the remote transmission of data. Jinan household solar power generation equipment company

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