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Jinan Derek has launched two new packaging testing equipment

Jinan Derek company recently launched a fully computer-controlled tensile testing machine and the smallest electronic tensile machine on the table to meet the latest requirements of the market for product quality testing in the packaging, papermaking and printing industries

the full computer-controlled tensile testing machine developed by derrick company introduces the most advanced computer control technology and uses windows98/me/2000/xp operating system platform to realize all-round control of the tensile machine. It has the functions of graphical software interface, flexible data processing method, modular language programming method, safe limit protection and so on. The machine also has the function of automatic test report; It greatly facilitates the debugging and system redevelopment capabilities, and attempts to launch a new mining project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to achieve tensile strength, deformation rate, peel strength, tear, puncture, compression and other tests, which integrates a high degree of automation and intelligence, and takes longer to scratch, with an accuracy of 0.5

the successful development of this equipment can make the detection results more accurate, greatly improve the working efficiency of testers, and effectively avoid human errors

the smallest electronic tensile machine on the table in the packaging industry successfully developed by derrick was put on the market in less than a month, and the first five prototypes were ordered by Chongqing dengkang, Linqing paper and other companies. The machine adopts AC servo motor and high-precision force sensor. The stretching space is only 400mm, the height of the host is only 900mm, the force value resolution is 1/100000, and the accuracy grade is up to 0.5. This machine adopts 320 × 240 dot matrix large LCD, the maximum force value, elongation, tensile strength and other test results can be set arbitrarily

this machine is suitable for testing the tensile strength, tensile strength, deformation rate and other properties of paper, paperboard and other products. At the same time, it can be used to stretch all kinds of short and thin plastic films, rubber and other samples. Adding accessories can also realize the compression test of packaging bags, cans, bottles, etc., and the bending test of toothbrush handles and other materials

information source: packaging digest china

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