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Jinan Languang 2014 spring global laboratory barrier data free comparison activities kicked off grandly

at present, the film barrier testing methods have standard basis, but there is no unified judgment method for the test data, so it is difficult to measure the testing ability of various units and laboratories, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the quality control of film production and application enterprises. In line with the purpose of providing reference testing data accuracy verification services for the society, Labthink Languang's 2014 spring Global Interdisciplinary data comparison activity was grandly launched on March 1. For the purpose of public welfare, this activity is free of charge, and is guided and supervised by authoritative expert consultants in the domestic packaging industry. The test data is confidential. All units and laboratories in relevant industries are welcome to participate actively

all units or laboratories wishing to participate should log in the activity page of Labthink Languang official website: from March 1 to May 1, 2014 to download the form of tofu residue products (Table 1 Application Form for film barrier comparison test between laboratories in spring 2014, table 2 confirmation form of acceptance status of data comparison samples and table 3 submission form of test results). After filling in form 1, participants should send it to lab@ by email. After receiving the application, the packaging safety testing center of Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. mailed each participant its own unique laboratory code, test samples and the "inter laboratory comparison operation instructions". All participants should test in strict accordance with the guidance, and be sure to fill in Table 2 and table 3 and send them to lab@ before May 30, 2014. The global inter laboratory barrier data comparison report will be released in mid June 2014, when the staff will send the comparison report to the email addresses of all participants

after the end of this activity, for participants with abnormal data, Labthink Languang will provide free and comprehensive barrier detection data consulting services for them in combination with the opinions of expert consultants to help them solve various problems and improve their detection ability

labthink Languang sincerely invites all units and laboratories in relevant industries to actively participate

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