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Jinan frequency conversion control cabinet Lirui electrical stability intimate

Jinan frequency conversion control cabinet Lirui electrical stability intimate

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plc can be used for the control of circular motion or linear motion, generally using a special motion control module, When the transition metal adopts Ni, the discharge capacity is the highest. For example, the single axis or multi axis position control module that can drive the stepping motor or servo motor is widely used in various mechanical machine tools, robot elevators and other occasions. Data processing, PLC has the functions of mathematical operation (including matrix operation, function operation, logic operation), data transmission, data conversion, sorting and table lookup, which can complete data collection, analysis and processing, communication and connection, PLC communication includes communication between PLC and communication between PLC and other intelligent devices. With the development of factory automation network, PLC now has communication interface, which is very convenient and reliable, and has strong anti-interference ability. High reliability is the key performance of electrical control equipment

plc adopts modern large-scale integrated circuit technology and strict production process. The internal circuit Jinan frequency conversion control cabinet adopts advanced anti-interference technology and has high reliability. Using PLC to form the control system, compared with the relay contactor system of the same scale, the electrical wiring and switch contacts have been reduced to hundreds or even thousands of times, and the fault has been greatly reduced. In addition, PLC has the function of hardware fault self-detection, In the application software, the user can also program the fault self diagnosis program of peripheral devices, so that the circuits and equipment in the system other than PLC can also obtain fault self diagnosis protection. In this way, the reliability of the whole system is very high and the supporting facilities are complete

with perfect functions and strong applicability, PLC has developed into a series of products of various scales, which can be used in industrial control occasions of various scales. In addition to the logic processing function, PLC mostly has perfect data computing ability, which can be used in various digital control fields, and a variety of functional units have emerged in large numbers, It makes PLC penetrate into various industrial controls such as position control, temperature control, CNC, etc. with the PLC communication ability, the power of different experimental manufacturers of Jinan servo control cabinet and the development of man-machine interface technology, it becomes very easy to use PLC to form various control systems, which are easy to learn and use, and are deeply welcomed by engineering technicians. PLC is an industrial control equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, and its interface is easy

the programming language is easy for engineers and technicians to accept. The graphical symbols and expression of ladder diagram language are quite close to the relay circuit diagram. It opens a convenient door for people who are not familiar with electronic circuits and do not understand computer principles and assembly language to engage in industrial control. The work of system design is small, the maintenance is convenient, and it is easy to transform, design and maintain. PLC uses storage logic to replace wiring logic, It greatly reduces the external wiring of the control equipment, greatly shortens the design and construction cycle of the control system, and makes daily maintenance easier. More importantly, it makes it possible for the same equipment to change the production process by changing the program. It is especially suitable for production occasions with multiple varieties and small batches. Installation and wiring, power line control line, PLC power line and i/o line should be wired separately

twisted pair should be used between the isolation transformer and PLC and i/o to separate the i/o line and high-power line of PLC. If it is necessary to bundle the AC line and DC line separately in the same slot, if conditions permit, the slot routing is the best. This can not only make it have as much space intelligence, super class books, led and smart home appliances as possible. It is electronic information that can contact the staff of this station and the highlight distance of the electrical industry, And the interference can be minimized. The PLC should be far away from strong interference sources, such as electric welding machine, high-power silicon rectifier and large power equipment. It should not be installed in the same switch cabinet with high-voltage electrical appliances. The PLC in the cabinet should be far away from the power line (the distance between the two should be greater than mm). The inductive load installed in the same cabinet with PLC Jinan PLC control cabinet, such as the coil of relay contactor with high power, should be connected in parallel with RC arc suppression circuit, The input and output of PLC should be wired separately, and the switching value and analog value should also be laid separately

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