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Different from previous years, Qihe County, Shandong Province introduced large-scale harvesters and seeders this year, and the operation efficiency was more than twice that of the traditional one. It is understood that this large combine harvester has solved the problem of missing seed rate of traditional sowing machinery, which is 3% lower than that of traditional machinery. It not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the production cost

the summer harvest is accelerating, and the summer planting is also in full swing. New technology and new machinery have become the highlight of Qihe County in the summer of this year

in Qihe County, a demonstration area for green, high-yield and high-efficiency grain production was established, and several harvesters and seeders were shuttling back and forth in the wheat field. Different from previous years, this year's harvest and sowing in the wheat field are new faces, but the efficiency and benefit are beyond the old faces. "The large harvester we introduced this year has a relatively high operating efficiency, which is twoorthree times higher than the traditional operating efficiency. Originally, there were fourorfive harvesters in this piece of land covering an area of sevenoreight hundred mu, and more than a dozen people were working for the green printing revolution of nano materials. This year, fourorfive people were working for this harvester, followed by sowing, and the operation was completed in twoorthree days.". Jileguang, general manager of qilixin Agricultural Service Co., Ltd., said

the width of the traditional harvester is about 2.5 meters. Qilixin company has introduced this John Deere large combine harvester with a width of more than 4 meters. The equipment is large and the technology is new. It improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost. It costs only 50 yuan per mu to harvest, and the grain leakage rate is 3% lower than that of the traditional machinery

the biggest bottleneck of summer sowing is how to solve the missed seeding rate in the utilization of products with high impact requirements. The missed seeding rate of traditional sowing machinery is about 10%, and there will be problems of seeding damage and two seeds in one hole. "There are many structural designs to ensure that it is one seed per hole. The seeds are sucked in through the negative pressure of the wind, so as not to hurt the seeds. The two seeds sucked up each time are scraped off by the seed scraper, and a curved surface ensures that they are very smooth in the process of seed falling, so as to ensure a space to fall, and the missed seeding rate can be controlled within 2%. In this way, the output can be converted into about 100 kg per mu.". Yuqinjiang, a staff member of maschio Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., told me

the driver's cab of the seeder is also equipped with a seed metering monitor, which will prompt the current travel speed in vigorously developing high-end materials, the number of seeded plants, and whether there is missed seeding. If there is missed seeding, the equipment will automatically alarm and remind the driver. The high melting point process in the new technology and production process requires the application of machinery, which has improved the efficiency of summer harvest and summer seed. At present, the wheat harvest in Qihe County has been basically completed, and the corn sowing has been completed by 80%

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