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Guopengfei, Shandong temporary worker: behind the boring, heavy and trivial work

guopengfei, Shandong temporary worker: behind the boring, heavy and trivial work

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Guide: don't you want to experience the work of the chief quality officer with me? Let's go now. At 6:30 in the morning, the author was woken up by guopengfei and rushed to his company together to use the company at ease. Starting at this time will not only avoid traffic jam, but also help improve work efficiency and kill two birds with one stone. He said with a simple smile

"don't you want to follow me to experience the work of the chief quality officer? Let's start now." At 6:30 in the morning, the author was woken up by guopengfei and rushed to his company together. "Starting at this time can not only avoid traffic jam but also improve work efficiency. It is called dentalmodel and dentalltclear respectively." He said with a simple smile

At 7 o'clock sharp, we arrived at the office of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Lingong). After changing the tooling, guopengfei began the day's work. As soon as he opened the company's quality information platform, he found that two important service information had been added last night. After writing down the key points of the problem, he called the service manager, and then contacted the supplier quality department. It has been half an hour since the problems were solved one by one

put it down, guopengfei was a little relieved. "If we communicate early, we can solve the problem early and avoid unnecessary losses. However, communication alone is not enough. We also need to arrange and implement product improvement report, process improvement report, supplier improvement report, supplier 5m application report and supplier ECP application report."

guopengfei told the author that as the head of the company's quality management function, especially after participating in the training of the first batch of chief quality officers nationwide, he has a set of systematic processes for effective quality control. Viewing the information management process content on the quality information platform is his first work and his last work before leaving work every day. "As the chief quality officer, knowing and implementing these information and defining the progress time and key points of problem solving have run through my whole day's work and must be paid continuous attention."

8 o'clock sharp, when the company's employees went to work one after another, guopengfei had started his second job - to check the meeting arrangements and daily arrangements on the information management platform

"look here." Click on the work to be done, he told the author, "Here is a reminder of an emergency ECP review document review process and several purchase proportion change review processes for the company's market feedback problems last week. In addition, in the morning, there will be a semi annual performance review meeting for the company's strategic planning and a performance meeting for the reliability analysis process; in the afternoon, there will be a company ECP review meeting, a site review meeting for failed parts and a performance evaluation review meeting for the improvement measures of market visits; and the day after tomorrow, there will be a quarterly operation meeting Discuss the data review meeting of the quality performance evaluation meeting and the review meeting of the quarterly market visit plan. "

"there will be a meeting later. Let me check the information content of the quality measures management platform first." Log in to the quality measure management platform, and the company's internal new product investigation report, improvement measure plan, improvement measure scheme, improvement measure test scheme, improvement measure verification report, improvement measure confirmation report and other nodes complete the progress implementation, and the reliability analysis report of small batch trial production and trial sale can be seen at a glance. "Look at the role of this platform. It supports the whole office information process (OA). At present, this quality information platform has become an information management tool for effective information transmission and solution of the company."

after application, the author was allowed to attend the meeting on tensile strength (longitudinal/transverse) to be attended by guopengfei as a nonvoting delegate, which is the bearing capacity of the plastic film in a certain direction and at a certain experimental speed through the tensile fixture until it breaks. It is understood that this year is the first year of Shandong Lingong's new medium-term plan, the company's benchmark has been adjusted accordingly, and the company's key performance management indicators (KPIs) and special quality objectives have also changed significantly. This strategic planning and reliability analysis meeting is mainly to determine that the key indicators in the company's KPIs have changed from the previous market feedback failures to the determined (failure) quality cost control, and the current planning has been adjusted to the effectiveness control

at the meeting, as the chief quality officer of the company, guopengfei gave his opinions on how to ensure the effectiveness: to transform the quality management concept into the specific actions of employees, it is necessary to pass the specific document requirements, information flow, solution flow and tools of procedure documents, management standards, product drawings, processes and inspection instructions. Actions rely on post standards and work instructions, as well as the formation of dmiac process management platforms such as rapid information feedback, failure mode determination and effective implementation of solutions, which are also commonly referred to as the implementation requirements of execution. "We still have a long way to go from following our competitors to taking a small step ahead and then to taking a step ahead."

the meeting at 3:00 p.m. is the on-site review meeting of the physical and chemical center for the inspection report of failed parts and the implementation of the inspection of failed parts. After the on-site verification and review of the test results of the previous improvement measures, guopengfei came to the structural parts workshop to implement the progress of the rear frame welding group and clearance QC group on site. "In this state of assets, you should feel that behind every QC team's project improvement, there are a group of skilled workers and technical quality personnel who can use PDCA to promote the implementation of quality improvement projects and solve actual quality problems." Seeing that the problem was being properly solved, guopengfei was gratified. He introduced that the project requires to increase the measurement requirements and improve the accuracy for the blanking and forming parts that have been regarded as rough work, for which there are great differences of understanding. However, after implementation, the one-time pass through rate of the first-class weld assembly gap has reached 100% and the one-time pass through rate of the second-class weld assembly gap has reached 76%

when he returned to the office from the workshop, the clock pointed to 17:20. The employees of the company were ready to leave work, while guopengfei sat at his desk, turned on his computer and entered the management platform to continue the process approval, check the quality information of the day, check the e-mail, and implement the reply. An hour and a half passed unconsciously, and the lights outside the window began to shine

"the work of the chief quality officer is indeed as boring, heavy and trivial as you can see, but I always keep in mind that the purpose of setting up the chief quality officer is to improve the quality management level and enhance the quality competitiveness. My little screw is an important part of the company's quality management system, and I can't relax at any time." This is guopengfei's work motto

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