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Shandong Lingong loader has won the trust of Indian local seaport customers

Shandong Lingong loader has won the trust of Indian local seaport customers

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Gujarat, India, is warm and dry in winter and hot in summer (the highest temperature can reach 49 ° C). It also has a humid monsoon season. Under such climatic conditions, there are more than 400 different trees, of which the most famous is Indian neem. Swayam transportation company is engaged in the storage and transportation of various trees in Gujarat. The company's main business is distributed in four ports on the 1600 km coastline of Gujarat. Shandong temporary loader provides great convenience for swayam company

swayam was founded 20 years ago, and now it has become one of the largest transportation companies in the region, with an annual operation of more than 2million tons of goods. The director of the company, Keyur thakrar, said: "there are many kinds of wood, including hardwood and cork. We need to be careful in the loading and unloading process to ensure that the wood will not be damaged. In the past, we used bulky large-scale equipment, which was a waste of time. At the suggestion of sarvajit construction equipment service company (Shandong temporary work agent), we purchased Shandong temporary work loader lg938l with a wooden fork." Thakrar said, "this machine is just like a customized machine for us. It can carefully load and unload softwood and hardwood. More importantly, it can work quickly, reliably and efficiently."

lg938l since the establishment of high-speed rail, the wheel loader adopts the powerful and reliable DEUTZ of Germany. At the same time, remember to turn off the power supply of the controller when wiring. 6.11 tier IVI standard engine has the characteristics of flexible operation, high production capacity and high fuel efficiency. The cab is equipped with air conditioner, am/fm radio and USB interface to improve driving comfort. The operator can also quickly and easily replace various accessories through the hydraulic quick change connector and the change-over switch installed in the cab. Today, These devices work more than 10 hours a day, said thakrar, said ashokekarmoker of Bridgestone R & D "Sarvajit construction equipment Service Co., Ltd. has provided us with unexpected services to ensure the continuous operation of our machines. One of our requirements is that the fuel tank can work 24 hours, but this is no problem for sarvajit. They have installed auxiliary fuel tanks for us. Sarvajit is very concerned about our business needs and has exceeded our expectations in terms of sales and service support."

5 lg938l wheel loaders have been working in swayam transportation service company for 16 months, with operation time of more than 16000 hours. Thakrar said that these machines have not had any failures so far, while other brands of equipment are in frequent condition. He was very satisfied with the performance of Shandong Lingong wheel loader, so he purchased five Shandong Lingong lg958 loaders

due to historical reasons, some overseas customers think that the quality of construction machinery products produced in China is relatively low. Shandong Lingong is changing this idea. Shandong Lingong ensures that the manufacturing and design processes comply with the world's most stringent standards, thereby improving efficiency and producing the highest quality products. In addition, Shandong Lingong has also set up a spare parts warehouse (including the spare parts warehouse in Bangalore, India) to shorten the supply time of spare parts, and established a global dealer network to provide customers with high-quality on-site technical support. Even customers in the most remote areas can enjoy the same high-quality service

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