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Shandong Lingong mobilized good drivers to join the front line of earthquake relief work on a street in the outskirts of Zhaotong, Yunnan Province, several loaders and excavators with "sdlg" signs have been put on trailers, and several vehicles carrying oil, food, tents and other materials are joining the queue, This is the "good driver Ludian earthquake relief team" urgently established by Shandong Lingong. It has been assembled and ready to go. It can be put into the first line of earthquake relief at any time

After the Ludian earthquake of magnitude 6.5 in Yunnan Province, Shandong temporary workers, who played an important role in rescue and disaster relief for many times, immediately mobilized and established a disaster relief action team headed by yaojinjun, general manager of the marketing company. On the one hand, they contacted the government and headquarters in the disaster area and actively participated in the disaster relief action; On the one hand, contact every customer in the disaster area to send care and relief materials; At the same time, the "good driver club" platform was launched, and a capable and experienced rescue and disaster relief team was organized and established

the "good driver Ludian earthquake disaster relief team" has now assembled and headed to the front line of earthquake relief. It also proves the need of this period. According to the unified deployment of the country in accordance with the principles of disaster relief, at this stage, it still focuses on saving people, mainly relying on the military, armed police, fire officers and soldiers and other professional forces. All actions should follow the command and unified arrangement. At present, civil forces have not yet entered the disaster area on a large scale, and Shandong temporary workers have made all preparations, Vehicles, equipment and rescue materials have been in place. You can go to the disaster area to carry out operations at the first order

customers will always be the first. After the Ludian earthquake, Shandong temporary workers immediately started the emergency mechanism, contacted hundreds of customers in the disaster area through customer service and other means, and carefully asked everyone about the disaster situation and living conditions. At the same time, they mobilized Yunnan dealers and Shandong temporary workers' customers outside the disaster area to dispatch all available vehicles to enter the disaster area at the first time to deliver food, drinking water, tents Raincoats and other scarce materials. Shandong Lingong will also issue special relief funds to customers who have been seriously affected to help them tide over the difficulties

Shandong Lingong called on all customers in Yunnan, especially those around the earthquake area, along the main roads and in central cities, to actively sign up for this rescue and relief operation. Within one day, several rescue and relief teams, including a solution loader, excavator and service vehicle, were set up at the edge of the estimated annual increase of 600% to 800% of Baosteel's shares in the disaster area. Some of them have been involved in the work of clearing roads and rivers

the "good drivers in China" activity of Shandong Lingong is a well-known public welfare activity in the industry. The "good drivers club" established on this basis has gathered the essence of the national construction machinery operators. They are highly skilled and experienced, actively participate in public welfare activities, and are non-governmental volunteers in the construction machinery industry. Through the "good driver club", Shandong temporary workers issued an initiative to call on members with experience in rescue and disaster relief to take action, actively join the rescue and disaster relief team organized by Shandong temporary workers, provide various assistance to the people in the disaster areas, and contribute to the post disaster reconstruction

by the time of press release, the first batch of volunteers of "good driver club" had arrived in Zhaotong, Yunnan, and yaojinjun and other senior officials had also entered the front line of Ludian earthquake. Yaojinjun said that in this operation, engineering machinery operators from all over the country traveled thousands of miles to Yunnan to participate in the rescue and disaster relief together with Shandong temporary workers. They did their best to help the customers and people in the disaster area, and worked with the military and people in the disaster area, so as to implement the public welfare concept of Shandong temporary workers and the purpose of "good driver club"

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