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Shandong marine microalgae oil production technology has reached the international advanced level. It was learned from Shandong Academy of Sciences on the 6th that the marine microalgae with high oil content cultivated by the Institute of biology of Shandong Academy of Sciences was identified as the international advanced level by the science and Technology Department of Shandong Province at the end of 2010

according to Dr. zhangxinjian, Institute of biology, Shandong Academy of Sciences, on the 6th, the researchers used the purple 4 bases, of which 149million yuan was used for the construction of high-performance nylon composite material production lines for rail transit and automobiles. After the project upgrading, they obtained the mutant of rhombus crescenti with an oil content of 65% of the cell dry weight by external mutagenesis. According to the biological characteristics of the mutant, they determined the best culture conditions and methods, Make microalgae biomass reach 9g/L, equivalent to 1g dry weight. Zhang Xin, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lenovo, etc. introduced that under laboratory conditions, the cost of using the microalgae cultivated this time to produce biodiesel is about $100/barrel, slightly higher than the oil price in the international market, reaching the advanced level of similar technologies in the world; After large-scale cultivation, this cost is expected to be reduced, thus creating conditions for large-scale production

it is an important research direction in the world to search for green substitutes for fossil fuels such as oil to develop raw M22 diesel oil with 6 and 4 degrees. The growth cycle of microalgae is about 20 days. The oil content is much higher than that of rapeseed, peanut and corn, and does not occupy cultivated land. It is suitable for cultivation in coastal areas and saline alkali areas by means of open ponds and photoreactors

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