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Nanshan Aviation Materials Industrial Park under Shandong has built 16 high-end aluminum processing and manufacturing projects such as precision forgings for aerospace and super large special aluminum alloy materials. Donglingong held a spring festival party on February 25. Leaders of Shandong Lingong company, Wang Zhizhong, Yu Mengsheng, Wen 24. main machine weight: 40kg1. Some manufacturers are greedy for a small and cheap purchase of such instruments. Degang, Zhi Kaiyin, Zhang Hua, yaojinjun, zhouweisheng Wang Yong and senior managers went to the front line of production management to send the Spring Festival blessings of the year of the sheep to the employees. They celebrated the Spring Festival together with the employees and exchanged greetings

the group worship activity was permeated with a warm, grand, harmonious and progressive atmosphere. The leaders of the company affirmed and thanked everyone for their efforts and contributions to the development of the company in the past year. At the same time, they issued a mobilization order for the full completion of 2015 tasks and objectives, and put forward clear requirements and ardent expectations. The company hopes that all employees will make persistent efforts and devote themselves to the work of the new year with full spirit and enthusiasm. The majority of employees also responded to the company's call and expectations with solemn vows, and expressed that they would meet new challenges and create new achievements with firmer confidence, stronger energy, higher morale and more pragmatic work in accordance with the company's strategic deployment and specific requirements

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