The most popular Shandong Rizhao market has flat d

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The demand for refined oil in Shandong Rizhao market is flat, and the sales situation is general.

the price in Shandong Rizhao market has stabilized, and the main sales situation is general. Automatic statistical experiment data of Sinopec 9 system: 0 × gasoline 5590 yuan/ton, 93 × gasoline 5850 yuan/ton; 0diesel 54 dnib is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative packaging materials, medical particles and high-end precision medical catheter products, for example, in 3000 hours of 250 ℃ high temperature environment testing, with a price of 30 yuan/ton, and the price of -10diesel is 5650 yuan/ton; DMC offers 5300 yuan/ton. PetroChina 05380 yuan/ton, -10diesel 5650 yuan/ton, DMC 5300 yuan/ton. Retail price: 90 × gasoline 4.45 yuan/liter; 93 × gasoline 4.79 yuan/liter; 97 × gasoline 5.13 yuan/liter

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