There's nothing a self-propelled tipper can't do

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There is nothing that a self-propelled tipper can't do.

"environmental protection doesn't talk about benefits, just environmental protection and scientific and ecological breeding." The clean and safe environment of the farm has reduced the occurrence of epidemic diseases. Moreover, the external environment of the enterprise is better, the living environment of the villagers is better, and the sense of happiness is also increased. Third, the economic benefits of the farm itself have increased. The self-propelled tipper is used for the reasonable treatment of fecal sewage

the detailed advantages of the self-propelled tipper: high efficiency, stable operation, durability, uniform tipper, flexible operation and strong adaptability

advantages of self-propelled tipper:

the steering arm of the steering wheel is balanced, and the whole machine is stable during operation, without incomplete stacking

the roller shaft can be lifted and lowered, and the stacking can be carried out at high and low speeds according to the moisture content of the material

by using the transmission shaft system and the sludge walking tipper, the pile turning speed can be adjusted, and the V-belt drive is eliminated

the clutch adopts soft drive, which eliminates the iron to iron clutch and increases the service life of the equipment shaft, chain and bearing

the frame multi column automobile type integral structure is adopted, which has a longer service life and is not suitable for deformation

install night searchlights and rearview mirrors (additional air conditioning equipment can be installed according to customer needs), which is convenient, comfortable and safe to use

the self-propelled tipper can be operated in the open outdoor field or in the workshop shed. The organic fertilizer self-propelled tipper equipped with automatic spraying liquid bacteria device is convenient to use the fermentation process of liquid bacteria. While mixing, the mixed liquid bacteria are evenly sprayed for the fertilizer base material, so that the spraying, oxygenation and mixing can be completed at one time

I: at present, the self-propelled tipper is the most widely used in China. It can not only dump materials, but also play a great role in the environment, "turning dung into treasure"

II: our self-propelled tipper has many models. For example, it can stack 2.0 meters, 2.3 meters, 2.6 meters, 3 meters, 3.6 meters, etc. it is driven by diesel and has strong power. The processing capacity is 250 to 1700 square meters per hour. You can choose different models

III: the self-propelled tipper is a main equipment in the complete set of special equipment for the production of bio organic fertilizer. The machine adopts a four-wheel walking design, which can move forward, backward and turn, and is operated by one person

IV: according to the technical parameters of the machine, the medium-sized machine can mix 600-900 cubic meters of materials per hour (equivalent to the tireless workload of 100 people at the same time). It can be converted into more than 200 tons of finished fertilizer. In an organic fertilizer plant with a daily output of 30 tons of finished fertilizer, the actual mixing time of workers is less than one hour every day. The energy consumption per ton of fertilizer is less than 1kW, and the average oil consumption per cubic meter is low. The maximum number of staff is 3-5, so that the finished fertilizer has an obvious price advantage

The outstanding technology of the self-propelled tipper is that it integrates the functions of material fermentation, mixing and crushing. The efficiency is greatly improved, the cost is reduced, and the problem that the production capacity is restricted by fermentation is fundamentally solved

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