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Professionals exposed six traps in the process of buying ceramic tiles

in home decoration, the first decoration main material to buy is ceramic tiles. For consumers, when buying ceramic tiles, they are often attracted by their prices and styles. However, there are many invisible traps in the purchase of ceramic tiles. At present, a dealer who has been engaged in ceramic tiles for many years in Fuzhou has exposed many secrets, reminding consumers to open their eyes and choose ceramic tiles

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when choosing tiles, consumers usually notice that the outer package of tiles is marked with a grade, but they rarely know that this grade can also be used as an article. At present, ceramic tile manufacturers do not regulate the classification of grades. Some manufacturers' first-class products are excellent products. Therefore, it is best to ask about the classification of commodity brand manufacturers when buying ceramic tiles. But usually, the top-grade products are the best, followed by the first-class products and second-class products. Some bad businesses will sell first-class products and second-class products as high-quality products, and the price is naturally much higher. Therefore, consumers should be particularly careful not to be fooled

in the market, brand-name ceramic tiles lead the fashion trend in both color and style, attracting the attention of many consumers. Therefore, some businesses take advantage of consumers' pursuit of brand psychology to produce some imitation brand style ceramic tiles, but the price is only half or one third of the famous brand. Some consumers buy this kind of imitation products because of greed for cheap, but they can't get brand service and quality assurance

subcontracting behavior

although consumers are interested in brand products in the store, unexpectedly, some bad businesses have adopted subcontracting behavior, but when they are sent to the consumer's home, they are other brand tiles of the same design and style. If the consumer has any objection, the product will be returned. If the consumer does not see the flaw, he will take the opportunity to earn the price difference

not clearly marked price

in some ceramic tile shops, not all goods have a price. Bad businesses often mark only one of the goods with a lower price. When consumers inquire about other goods, they take the opportunity to bid up the price, so that consumers unknowingly fall into the price trap designed by the business

inflated prices

in many ceramic tile stores, consumers can still bargain with merchants. According to industry insiders, most businesses are now more standardized in pricing, but it is still not ruled out that some businesses falsely raise prices. If they meet inexperienced consumers, they can be fooled. If they meet knowledgeable consumers, they will automatically reduce the price and attract them to buy with a low discount

fake origin

the vast majority of ceramic tiles in the market are produced in Guangdong. Guangdong products are slightly better in quality, style and brand, and have also been recognized by most consumers. It is by taking advantage of the psychology of consumers that some bad businesses, like the "European Code incident" in the floor, forcibly wrapped the outer packaging of Guangdong made ceramic tiles that are not made in Guangdong, cheating consumers and seeking illegal profits

all of the above are illegal businesses in Fuzhou market, which are scheming for profit. Consumers must be wary of all kinds of tricks of businesses when choosing ceramic tiles. Professionals said that just in case, it is better for consumers to choose products from some regular brand businesses





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