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Concrete swimming pool is a very common swimming pool building structure. For the particularity of concrete structure, the waterproofing of swimming pool has always been a problem. The traditional mosaic tiles have certain disadvantages in concrete waterproofing. The first waterproof plastic film is divided into professional plastic film for competition, plastic film for children's play pool and special plastic film for bathing, hot spring, water park and leisure swimming pool according to the needs of different places. PVC is introduced as the main material for production, with strong molecular stability, and the addition of wear-resistant layer effectively prolongs the service life. The unique UV antifouling layer resists the corrosion of chemicals such as water purifiers and fungicides. It is convenient to clean and maintain without retention and breeding of microorganisms, which is very beneficial to the protection of water quality. The hot melt or lap process pavement has no joint marks, and the thermal expansion and cold contraction are relatively synchronous, which is very effective in preventing water seepage and leakage. A customer asked the pioneer swimming pool. The tiles used in our swimming pool have fallen off in some places, which is not only unsightly, but also often scratches the body. Can we also use adhesive film in our swimming pool

for this problem, the technical personnel of the first swimming pool said that the swimming pool like this can be installed with plastic film, which will not affect the construction of waterproof plastic film

it is also suggested that the swimming pool should be paved with ceramic tiles. The construction cycle of mosaic tiles is long, and the construction cycle of waterproof decorative adhesive film is short. Using ceramic tiles for construction is obviously much higher, which is a lot of time costs for some commercial swimming pools

the installation cost of mosaic tiles is high. Compared with waterproof adhesive film, when using tiles for construction, it must make corresponding waterproof layer. Even so, the service life of waterproof layer is not very long. Therefore, this invisibly increases the construction cost of the swimming pool. If our swimming pool is constructed with waterproof plastic film, it is beautiful and waterproof at the same time, so there is no need to add another waterproof layer

mosaic tiles are unsafe to use. According to statistics, more than 96% of the mild injuries in the pool are caused by the edges and corners of the tiles scratching the body

the waterproof adhesive film of the swimming pool is processed from PVC improved material, and the structural layer of the waterproof adhesive film of the swimming pool is closely connected. The waterproof adhesive film of the swimming pool is mainly made of PVC and added with professional additives, stabilizers, antioxidants, etc. the finished product is corrosion-resistant, chlorine resistant, shrinkage resistant, UV resistant, and can be laid on the bottom and wall of the swimming pool for waterproof and surface decoration. Because it involves the health and safety of human body, whether the material selection of waterproof adhesive film for swimming pool is environmentally friendly has become the key





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