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During the period of the Republic of China, pure Chinese decoration was no longer popular, and European and French styles were mixed with oriental aesthetics and Oriental furniture to form a unique style. How should we build it now? Now let's have a look with osley wallcovering

a poetic Qianxun waterfall

the ancient world April day

this is the elegy of Ms. Lin Huiyin, the first talented woman in modern China, created by Mr. Jin Yuelin, who loved her all her life

speaking of Lin Huiyin, one can always think of an extremely gorgeous era. Liang Sicheng, Xu Zhimo, Zhang Ailing, Dai Wangshu... Capable people came forth in large numbers, and the complex love relationship increased the romance and mystery of this era, which made people fascinated

in the period of the Republic of China, you can always imagine the misty rain, quiet alleys, bluestones, an oil paper umbrella, a fluffy curly hair, a cheongsam, exquisite figure, graceful, curling welcome. That charming temperament, elegant and bold, is the era tearing apart the dross. They are introverted and have the courage to follow the trend of the times. They are a unique and unforgettable scenery

during the Republic of China, foreign gadgets continued to enter China, and cultural aggression was reflected in all aspects of people's lives. Home decoration design is no exception. Pure Chinese decoration is no longer popular. European and French styles are mixed with oriental aesthetics and Oriental furniture to form a unique style

such a style, now it seems, also has a unique retro charm, like a beauty in a cheongsam, has become a symbol of the times

how to create the style of the Republic of China with retro charm

the period of the Republic of China

different regions also have different feelings

today, the editor mainly talks about the style of the Republic of China in Shanghai

inspiration background: a retro home integrating Chinese and Western styles, modern and old objects

main elements: black framed steel windows, strong colors, bread bricks Retro furniture

hard decoration

you can choose solid color wall cloth or large pattern wall cloth

recommended pattern

selected from sunrise

selected from water lily





silk Rhyme Series

soft decoration

osley seamless wall fabric is green and environment-friendly. The process is produced with world-class equipment. With years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed, the product is unique, Reliable quality

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