Beautiful daughter-in-law decorates Mini fashion t

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The small dwelling of 40 square meters, mainly in a simple style, also integrates some idyllic relaxed and natural feelings, as well as the warm atmosphere of American style; The small space is full of its own unique flavor

house decoration: the decoration area is 41 square meters, mixed with a simple style of one room and one living room

owner's self statement: decoration is a long process. In fact, the decoration tone imagined at the beginning is simple style. Later, with the slow progress, it seems that it has some idyllic tones. Later, it wants to turn to the American style. Later, it thinks that it is better to be simple. Now I understand that my family is a mix and match style, and skillfully integrating various elements can make the family more personalized. I don't understand decoration, but it's more important to have a awesome lady than anything. My wife can get everything back. Our personality decoration after the 1980s is also very good

because the house is small, the kitchen can only be open. I and Pangpang especially like the color of the cabinet. Who makes my eyes so unique? Wow, Kaka

the refrigerator is also small, just enough





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