Launching ceremony of corona special training camp

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-- seven year brand is ready to review its original intention.

on the morning of October 23, the special training camp of corona merchandising and the 7th anniversary brand linkage activity Jiangsu station was launched at Sheraton Yangzhou hotel

as a domestic high-end wall fabric brand, after seven years of development, kroya has always adhered to originality and unremitting research. In pattern development and technological innovation, it takes itself as the only competitor and occupies a leading position in the same industry. Jiangsu was chosen as the first stop of the 7th anniversary brand linkage activity, precisely because in October 2012, when the brand was founded, the first koloya store was established in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province. This time, the corona brand returns to its starting point and reviews its original intention in order to enter the next seven years with the most vibrant face

this determination also infected every franchisee of corona brand. The participants of this special training camp for selling crowns rushed to Yangzhou from cities across the province and arrived at Sheraton Hotel as scheduled to sign in

due to the proper arrangement of the activity and the warm atmosphere at the signing in site, the students praised the scale and grade of this activity, and were full of expectations for the next courses and activities

although this special training camp is only carried out in Jiangsu Province, the nationwide corona franchisees also feel the heat of this activity through the pictures and videos transmitted by corona in real time, and support the nearly 100 Jiangsu students participating in the training

the sales skills course, which was first launched in the afternoon of the 23rd, was practical and highly operational, and received enthusiastic responses from the students. More students said that "only such skills that can be landing can really have learning value, such as opening the door to the new world"...

and the theme of this koloya is "gratitude for great benefits as 7" – the launching ceremony of the 7th anniversary brand linkage activity ・ Jiangsu station, It will also be held in Sheraton Hotel. It is reported that this special training camp is also the 7th anniversary brand linkage activity held by corona in Jiangsu Province from October 25 to November 18, to help Xinli, and then bring consumers a more comprehensive and professional service experience in the next "7th anniversary linkage" activity, and even in the future store operation

at that time, there will be an unprecedented multi project and strong Thanksgiving and profit sharing activity to feed back to consumers in Jiangsu Province





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