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The next five to ten years will be a critical period for the development of China's marine engineering equipment

the next five to ten years will be a critical period for the development of China's marine engineering equipment

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the vast ocean contains rich types of resources and huge reserves, especially the development of offshore oil and natural gas, which has become the focus of attention of today's economic powers. The marine engineering equipment thus emerged is the general name of all kinds of equipment used in the activities of human development, utilization and protection of the sea, and the smaller the particles are, it is the premise and foundation of marine economic development, and it is at the core of the marine industrial value chain. Marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry is characterized by intensive knowledge and technology, low consumption of material resources, great growth potential and good comprehensive benefits. It is a leading industry for the development of marine economy, an important part of strategic emerging industries, and an important direction of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

facing the growing emerging market of marine resources development, countries all over the world are actively developing relevant equipment. Accelerating the development and utilization of marine resources has become an important strategic orientation for the development of countries all over the world. The next five to ten years will be a critical period for the development of China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry. We should not only deal with the challenges of increasingly fierce international competition, but also seize the opportunity of the increased demand for offshore resources development equipment at home and abroad, further enhance the sense of urgency and sense of urgency, vigorously cooperate and overcome difficulties, and strive to make China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing capacity and level reach a new level through 10 years of development

development is still in the third camp

statistics show that China's energy consumption increased by 11.9% in 2010, accounting for 20.3% of the world's energy consumption, catching up with the United States for the first time to become the world's largest energy consumer. Energy security is not only related to a country's economic security, but also an important guarantee of national defense security. It is imperative to develop marine resources and reduce external dependence on energy. Closely focusing on the development of marine resources, vigorously developing the manufacturing industry of marine engineering equipment has important strategic significance for China to develop and utilize the ocean, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the marine industry, drive the development of related industries, build a marine power, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the national economy

offshore engineering is divided into three categories: coastal engineering, offshore engineering and deep-sea engineering. There is a big gap between China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry and international developed countries, and it is still in the third camp of this industry. Among them, coastal engineering can be basically completed independently in China at present; Able to independently design some shallow sea marine engineering equipment, but basically not involved in the field of high-end and new equipment design and construction, let alone have its core technology research and development capabilities; However, the front-end design of deepwater offshore engineering equipment is still blank, with few professional design institutions and lack of professional designers; Most domestic shipbuilding enterprises lack relevant experience in offshore engineering construction and management, which restricts the rapid development of China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry to a certain extent

in terms of oil and gas engineering equipment: since the late 1970s, China has made many achievements in the development of offshore oil and gas engineering equipment, developed and utilized many forms and various uses of offshore engineering equipment, and played an important role in the inspection of accessories for China's energy construction. After the new century, China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress, especially the offshore oil and gas development equipment has a good development foundation

among them, offshore oil exploration began in the late 1950s. China's offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production are mainly on the continental shelf. The offshore waters with a water depth of no more than 300m do not have the ability to operate in more than 500m deep water. The offshore crude oil discovery rate is only 18.5%, and the natural gas discovery rate is only 9.2%. China still lacks necessary deep-sea drilling and development equipment. Although some relatively advanced oil and gas engineering equipment have been localized, domestic manufacturers still basically stay in the manufacturing of structural parts. The technology of relevant supporting parts lags behind, and the key equipment and technology are still in the hands of foreign manufacturers, which seriously restricts the scale development of offshore oil and gas

CNOOC has witnessed the development of China's offshore oil engineering devices from scratch, from small to large, from offshore to offshore, from good to bad sea conditions. The number and development technology of FPSOs (floating production, storage and offloading units) in China have been at the forefront of the world. According to the ODP report, new FPSOs have been developed 4-5 years earlier than foreign countries. However, other offshore oil engineering units still lag behind the world advanced level for more than 20 years

on submarine pipelines: among the various transportation modes of petroleum energy in the world, pipeline transportation is the safest, stable and reliable. The development of offshore oil, the connection between oil fields and production platforms all rely on submarine pipelines, and the laying of all submarine pipelines all rely on pipe laying vessels. Large crane pipe laying vessels are indispensable and important equipment in offshore oil and gas development equipment. The crane pipe laying vessel is a large-scale high-tech offshore engineering operation vessel engaged in the laying of offshore oil and gas transmission pipelines and the installation of offshore engineering equipment

at present, there are only 3-4 major pipe laying equipment suppliers in the world, mainly distributed in Europe and North America, due to the difficult technology and many types of equipment involved. Domestic technical and theoretical research in the field of offshore pipe laying is very limited. At present, the delivery of domestic pipe laying ship equipment is few, and the pipe laying equipment basically depends on imports. At present, the equipment in use is basically very old, and the purchase price of pipe laying equipment is very expensive and the delivery cycle is long

on deep-sea platforms: at present, countries with advanced marine engineering technology, such as the United States, Norway and Britain, attach great importance to the research of deep-sea platforms, and explore the comprehensive use of deep-water tension leg platform technology, single cylinder platform (spar) technology and barrel foundation technology to develop new platform forms. It is reported that as a concept study, the operating water depth of the platform has exceeded 1500m (the so-called extreme deep water), which is expected to reach 8000 feet. China's current deep-sea platform development equipment technology has made great progress in the introduction, digestion, absorption, re innovation and localization. It has the design and construction ability of jack up platforms and bottom platforms, and has the construction experience of many platforms and hulls at home and abroad, especially the offshore oil equipment construction technology is becoming more and more mature

although China has made considerable achievements in the structural analysis, torsional analysis and fatigue analysis of fixed platforms as a whole, there is still a certain gap with the world level. Tension leg platform, single cylinder platform (spar), floating production system and deep-water multi-functional semi submersible platform will be the hot direction of deep-sea platform technology development. The research and development of new platform structure mainly focuses on good motion performance, low cost, nonlinear dynamic response, polar bearing capacity of tension legs, etc

large and super large floating structures: meet the urgent needs of China's far-reaching island reef life and construction, island reef and marine tourism, maritime rights protection and law enforcement, offshore oil and gas and fishery resources development, logistics support, large gas field development and offshore LNG terminal construction, according to the distribution of wind, waves and currents in different sea areas, combined with the needs of different uses for floating structure types, Focus on the research on the key technologies in the design, construction, installation and other aspects of a series of deep-sea large-scale floating structures, such as small waterline semi submersible, cylindrical truss combined type, single hull unit floating structure and composite floating structure, deep-sea natural gas floating equipment, and implement the demonstration project of large-scale floating structure in stages

the characteristics of super large floating bodies are that the plane scale (compared with the wavelength) is huge, while the vertical scale is relatively small. The marine environment is extremely complex, and the direction and size of incoming waves or currents may be different in the whole range of buildings. At the same time, super large floating bodies are permanent or non permanent marine buildings. As a military use, it also has a certain ability to resist violence and impact

offshore floating production system is not only applied to the development of offshore marginal oil fields, but also to large offshore oil fields. Its working depth has gradually developed from shallow water to deep water, but there are still many technical problems, such as the dynamic characteristics and motion response analysis of the system; Vortex induced vibration and fatigue analysis of slender flexible members (such as mooring chains, risers, etc.); The ultimate strength and fatigue problems of production and storage ships need to be solved

At present, China has basically achieved the independent design and construction of shallow water oil and gas equipment, some offshore engineering ships have formed brands, and deep-sea equipment manufacturing has made a certain breakthrough. In addition, the development equipment of marine renewable energy such as offshore wind energy has initially realized industrialization, the development of marine chemical resources such as seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization has begun to take shape, and the level of equipment technology has been continuously improved. However, compared with the world's advanced level, industrial development is still in its infancy, with small economic scale and market share; R & D, design and innovation capabilities are weak, and core technologies rely on foreign countries; Specialized manufacturing capacity with strong international competitiveness has not yet been formed, and it is basically at the low end of the industrial chain; The supporting capacity is seriously insufficient, and the core equipment and systems mainly rely on imports; The industrial system is not perfect, the development of relevant service industries lags behind, and there are many problems in industrial development

first, the basic technology and construction experience are insufficient. There is a big gap between the development level of China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry and that of developed countries in the world, and it is still in the third camp of the industry. There is a big gap between the design and development ability of the industry and that of foreign countries. At present, we can only independently design some shallow sea offshore engineering equipment, and basically do not involve in the field of high-end and new equipment design and construction, let alone have its core technology research and development ability. However, the front-end design of deepwater offshore engineering equipment is still blank, with few professional design institutions and professional designers; In addition, most domestic shipbuilding enterprises have not been involved in the offshore engineering market and lack relevant experience in offshore engineering construction and management, which restricts the rapid development of China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry to a certain extent

second, the ability of independent innovation is not strong, and foreign technology is blocked. Offshore engineering products have high-tech characteristics, while domestic offshore engineering enterprises lack the support of technology and related scientific research talents, and their independent innovation ability is not strong. They basically refer to or directly introduce foreign technology to undertake offshore engineering product orders, and the product technology content is low; At the same time, the specifications and varieties of various functional modules and supporting equipment of the offshore platform are many, and the requirements for technical performance, materials, accuracy, reliability, service life and environmental adaptability are very strict. The high-end supporting equipment with many patented technologies and high added value are mostly monopolized by foreign suppliers. Facing the severe fact of foreign technology blockade, the core technology is controlled by others, and the problems existing in the development process can not be ignored

third, the competitive fields of domestic enterprises overlap, and structural overcapacity worries are emerging. In recent years, many large domestic shipbuilding enterprises have made great efforts to expand the construction of offshore engineering equipment base with the help of the transformation of offshore engineering equipment, and the situation of rushing forward in the peak period of shipbuilding industry appears again. However, limited by technology, talents and supporting support, the competition fields of domestic offshore engineering products overlap seriously, mainly in the field of shallow water and low-end deep-water equipment. The design and construction of high-end offshore engineering equipment are basically blank. Offshore engineering enterprises are clustered at the low end of the value chain. The supply and demand structure of offshore engineering equipment products is unbalanced, and new structural overcapacity worries are emerging


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