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The future development market of personal printing

as a new printing method, digital printing technology has experienced several years of training and growth, and now it has occupied most of the domestic short edition printing business. However, at this stage when digital printing technology has developed to maturity, people have also found that digital printing will face a larger market test. In recent years, some digital printing companies have constantly updated their equipment to open up a better market in new fields. With people's new understanding of personalization, the key to self-healing is chemical bonds, which also ushers in a new dawn for digital printing, that is, commercial personalized printing brush + personal printing consumption

personal printing consumer market

the term personal printing may be very strange, but it is indeed a new business field in the digital printing industry. In fact, the use of digital technology to meet the needs of personal printing has begun a few years ago. Only this year, due to the popularity of personalized printing, people have a more and more understanding of the deformation accuracy of the personal printing industry, prompting the breeding of more personal printing stations, In this field, you I personal printing belongs to a special one among these stations. They find new development space for personal digital printing. Through research and practice, you I personal printing has found a full display space for personal printing in personalized wedding products, personalized calendars, desk calendars, picture albums, and greeting cards. The person in charge of your I personal printing station, en, introduced it to us

for example, ISO9000 is now a quality management system. People who get married have taken wedding photos. Many studios in China are dedicated to providing such high-end services. When doing wedding photography, the studio's services are almost meticulous, from designing shapes for the new couple, to making up, to selecting scenes and taking photos. Of course, the price of this service is also very expensive. After the completion of a set of services, the new couple will eventually be provided with a photo album and several single photos. In order to cater to some customers' psychology, high-end albums are generally made thick and heavy. As a kind of treasure, such treatment is naturally understandable. But if relatives and friends also want to keep one as a souvenir, it is obviously impossible. For another example, in the past, it was essential for everyone to take photos when participating in activities or going out for fun. In the past, when film and development costs were relatively expensive, people had fewer opportunities to take photos, and there were relatively few photos, so every photo would be well preserved. Later, the cost of photography became lower and lower, and the number of people taking photos was also increasing, and everyone's photos were also growing exponentially. The problem is that if there are too many photos, there will be problems in keeping them. Probably everyone will have such an experience. It is difficult to find relevant photos of activities or scenic spots he has participated in before after a period of time, because there are so many photos that he doesn't know where to put the things he needs to find

these problems can be solved with personal digital printing. In fact, people in developed countries have begun such personalized production. There, businesses engaged in photo processing business usually have a digital photo processing equipment and prepare a digital printing equipment at the same time. According to customers' needs, they can not only provide customers with single card photos, but also provide customers with personalized albums by digital printing. In terms of price, such an album is much cheaper than a photo album. Moreover, such an album is more informative, easier to save and easy to read. Accumulated a lot, it can also reflect a person's life from a very objective perspective from a domestic perspective, and has a certain cultural connotation

in order to better match this business model, you I personal printing has made a large number of photo templates for customers to choose, so that each person browsing to the station can find an album template suitable for their photos. All this can be done on. I believe that such a professional personal printing station will provide you with more and better services

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