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Electrical equipment industry: the third round of consultation on the quota system for lithium hexafluorophosphate, lithium carbonate and electrolyte analysis

weekly Market Review

as of November 16, compared with November 9, 2018, the Shanghai Composite Index and Shanghai Shenzhen 300 rose 3.09% and 2.85% respectively. This week, new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, power equipment, photovoltaic, wind power and nuclear power increased by 6.60%, 7.67%, 5.84%, 5.67%, 9.20% and 4.3 respectively. Vickers hardness method can be used to measure the hardness of very thin metal materials and surface layers by 5%. The leading gainers this week were Wenzhou Hongfeng (+39.9%), China Baoan (+28.7%), Zijiang enterprise (+25.4%), wiltai (+19.2%), and Xiangdian shares (+18.9%)

new energy vehicles: analysis of lithium carbonate, 6F and electrolyte

according to the China chemical and physical power industry association, lithium hexafluorophosphate rose, with an increase of yuan/ton. The shallow reason for the rise is that the price rise of upstream hydrofluoric acid drives the price rise of 6F, and the deep reason is that the operating capacity is insufficient, and 6F enterprises have a strong willingness to support the price; We believe that this wave of increase can continue, but market transactions will generally double in 2016, and the price will exceed 400000/ton; The price change of lithium carbonate has limited impact on the price of electrolyte. The core theme of the electric vehicle sector: leading enterprises with global competitiveness and subdivisions with low price reduction risk. Electric cars have been 1. Understand the four elements of procurement: after switching from "policy market" to "consumer market", whether in the field of power batteries or materials, China has gradually stepped out of the world's leading enterprises. Judging from the perspective of global competitiveness, we recommend [Ningde times], [putailai] and pay attention to [Enjie shares]. Another main line is the electrolyte sector, where the price reduction and profit risk have been released. We recommend [Tianci material] and [new Zebang]

photovoltaic: the Energy Administration issued the third round of draft for comments on the quota system

the National Energy Administration recently issued a letter of opinions on the implementation of the renewable energy power quota system. Compared with the second edition, the quota index in the third edition has been reduced, and the punishment for failing to complete the quota has also been relaxed, The notice changed the market entities that failed to complete the quota to "punish them according to law and regulations, list them in the bad credit record, and give joint punishment". The price of silicon material, whether compact material or cauliflower material, remained stable this week. The price of single and polycrystalline silicon chips remained stable as the price of silicon material. In terms of the target, we are still optimistic about Tongwei, the leading enterprise of polysilicon materials with obvious advantages and industry status after the reshuffle, and Longji, the leading enterprise of monocrystalline silicon chips and battery modules. It is suggested to pay attention to photovoltaic glass leaders Xinyi solar energy, Linyang energy, and enterprises with relatively balanced overseas sales market distribution, such as Atlas, Jinke energy, Dongfang Risheng and other overseas battery and module leaders

wind power: bnef announced the market share of European offshore wind power, and CGNPC Huaiyin wind power was approved.

bnef ranked European developers according to the equity capacity of wind farms that had been put into operation or were under construction as of November 2, 2018. Orsted secured its first place in the world through the world's largest offshore project to date, hornsea2 with a scale of 1386mw. The total project scale of woxu energy is more than twice that of Vattenfall, the second place. According to Polaris wind power, the CGN Huaiyin wind farm project was approved on November 14. The planned installed capacity of the project is 52.5mw, with a total investment of about 45.61136 million yuan. After completion, the estimated annual power generation is 119.4375 million kwh. In terms of target, we continue to recommend Tianshun wind energy, a leading domestic wind tower enterprise in the low expectation stage, and we suggest paying attention to Goldwind technology, a leading wind turbine enterprise

risk tips: there may be a risk that the promotion of new energy vehicles does not meet the expectations; Or there is a risk that the policy support and subsidies for new energy power generation do not meet the expectations. It can be manually cleaned and replaced, and 2 sets are available

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