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The future development trend of green office starts with inkjet

in this year's 12th Five Year Plan, the Chinese government once again emphasized the concept of carbon footprint and green economy. It not only advocated environmental friendly e-government office, but also proposed to promote government green procurement, requiring the government to give priority to purchasing energy-saving and environmental friendly products when purchasing, so as to promote the healthy development of government procurement

green office starts with inkjet

printing is an indispensable part of e-government office. In the detailed life cycle assessment, the above six materials studied the impact of materials used in lids and closures, beverage containers, other hard containers, shopping bags, shrink films and other flexible packaging. Therefore, printers should also implement the concept of green environmental protection. The exhaust gas, ozone and energy consumption produced by laser printers are high, which runs counter to the government's concept of environmental protection and energy conservation. Ink jet printer connected with fatigue loading experiment control module has gradually become the first choice for government affairs with its excellent characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection

Duan, who works at the printer counter of Broadway, told that compared with laser machines, inkjet printers have no ozone and dust emissions, bringing a green and healthy office environment. Therefore, products such as Epson that not only have excellent inkjet printing technology, but also use micro piezoelectric printing technology are more favored by consumers

take the Epson black-and-white inkjet printer k100/k200 as an example, its standard automatic double-sided printing function can greatly save paper. At the same time, the working energy consumption of Epson k100/k200 is only 1/20 of that of laser machines, and the emission of ozone and dust is avoided

insiders told that it was estimated that if the entry-level black-and-white laser machines expected to be sold in the Chinese market in 2011 were replaced with such green inkjet printers, 380000 tons of carbon emissions could be reduced in a year, equivalent to 830000 trees on the earth

cope with e-government with powerful functions

will small size and energy consumption be greatly reduced in function? In the face of the doubts of several consumers present, in order to dispel the doubts, the small working group level business multifunctional machine meoffice900wd in this series is taken as an example to demonstrate that it can perfectly deal with the printing of the jockey seal in government offices. Its borderless printing function, no cutting, no stretching, can accurately complete the printing of the jockey seal, and the effect is completely consistent with the effect of the traditional jockey seal, thus saying goodbye to the cumbersome manual stamping

Mr. Wang, who is buying a printer, told him that his friend recommended him a high-speed two-sided business printer meoffice85nd, which is said to fully support the printing of government red head documents. With professional color control technology and full-color durabritultra waterproof and light-resistant pigment ink, the printed red can be comparable to the printed red head documents

according to the person in charge of the counter, this kind of large brand commercial inkjet printers are far ahead in the printer market in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, functional configuration and performance, and have become a new choice for government offices

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