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The future development trend of China's gift packaging market

our gift market is very large And the huge gift market gave birth to the development of other industries For example, gift packaging, which must be used in gifts, is one of them So what is the current development of gift packaging market in China? What changes will the future development of gift packaging market have Let's have a look

Gift packaging is generally used for the protection and decoration of gifts, and with the development of gift customization industry in China Gift packaging is no longer about single luxury, which can be accepted by customers Personalized and creative gift customized packaging is easier to meet customers' favorite in the market

although gift packaging is different from general commodity packaging, it should also follow the principle of tailoring, and design packaging with appropriate materials, scientific structure, beautiful and novel, economical and practical according to the product grade. The so-called 4. Measuring volume when the test piece allows is to clarify the attribute, grade, consumption object and sales area of the commodity; The so-called tailoring is to determine the design pattern and design scheme. In addition to the principles of science, beauty, practicality, economy and promotion, packaging should also consider the effect of environmental protection, which is also the evaluation standard for a designer and packaging design. Only by mastering the design connotation of science, beauty, practicality, economy, promotion and environmental protection, and mastering the design scale, can we know the packaging design well, be confident, and be tailored to the packaging design. Generally speaking, the packaging design of the market, especially the gift packaging market, basically reflects the characteristics of novelty, chic and beauty; However, there are some problems in the rationality of the packaging structure, which cannot but arouse our thinking

the so-called packaging structure refers to the use of appropriate sizes and materials and different structural shapes to package goods according to the characteristics and requirements of different goods. Therefore, the structure of packaging should be measured by science. The so-called structural science, first, open, easy to carry, simple processing and easy to operate; The second is to save materials and costs, while giving full play to its function of protecting commodities. In today's fierce commodity competition, there are some operators and designers in the market, regardless of the interests of consumers and the lack of awareness of environmental protection, through the illusion of visual packaging, to camouflage, large packaging, resulting in material waste

for example, we can take a box of gift chocolates from the supermarket shelf at will and take a look. The packaging is often four, five, or even seven or eight layers. Usually, we can see in some traditional holiday consumer markets that a wide range of gift packages fill the shelves. In order to achieve the purpose of competition, some businesses do not hesitate to make a big fuss on the individual structure to improve the grade and price of goods in disguised form. These gift packages, under their gorgeous clothes, cooperate with a series of publicity offensives of businesses to induce consumers. Take food as an example: some medium and low-grade foods should only be designed with medium and low-grade packaging, but some are simply packaged in small packages or even in large packages, wasting space and materials. For example, some crisp sugar packaging, small packaging, medium packaging, lined box, box cover bronzing, silver stamping, such packaging is beautiful, but the cost must be higher than the product itself. For another example, in recent years, the packaging competition of Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes has become increasingly fierce, and even sky high price moon cakes have appeared. The relevant departments of the state have to intervene and formulate corresponding policies and regulations to contain this kind of bad competition

the grade of the package depends on the value of the commodity itself, that is, the price excluding the package. In addition to gift packaging, special packaging and special product packaging, the cost of general packaging should be controlled at about 10% to 30% of the price of the whole commodity. From an economic point of view, with the lowest packaging cost (materials, printing, production), to achieve the best publicity effect, this is a successful commodity packaging. If the packaging cost is increased too much, it can only be said to be excessive packaging, flashy and easy to cause consumer disgust. If the business believes that no matter what the packaging is, as long as it can achieve the goal of naming the golf corruption problem at least 61 times since the station, it will spare no effort to do its best in materials, processes, structures and decorations, and strive for luxury. In fact, this will be self defeating

in addition, in many gift packages, most of them make great efforts in the novelty, difference and beauty of shapes and materials. The development and application of a large number of new materials also provide more business opportunities for packaging. However, in terms of the selection of gift packaging materials in the market, we find that plastic, metal and glass account for the vast majority of packaging materials, while environmental protection materials such as recycled paper with recycling and reuse are rarely used. It is no exaggeration to say that in contemporary packaging design, the use of plastic has reached the level of luxury. At present, the plastic used in packaging is ethylene resin that will not be digested for hundreds of years. The excessive packaging with several layers is countless in the market, resulting in the accumulation of civilized garbage and bringing difficult environmental problems to mankind. A considerable proportion of these garbage are works designed by designers

someone has analyzed that paper accounts for 30%, metal 10%, glass 10% and plastic 8% of these garbage. The pollution caused by these wastes is long-term. Metal materials such as cans are thrown on the ground. The former only peels off the paint on the surface after a year, but it is still the case after five years, and it slowly dissolves and differentiates in the soil after ten years; Glass, ten years later, is just a fragment; Plastic, five years later, was dissolved under the action of the sun. If it was buried in the soil and isolated from the sun, it would never disappear

from this report, we can see that China's gift packaging market as a whole lacks the spirit of innovation, and the entire gift packaging enterprises have not put energy conservation and environmental protection in a sufficient position These two points are exactly the top priority of the gift packaging market in the future All of these should attract wide attention

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