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Future preservation: rigid polyurethane foam extends the shelf life

when food is discarded due to deterioration or simply unsalable, it will cause a lot of waste, and many people dream of reducing these huge waste. This is an area where Bayer materials technology is constantly developing innovative solutions for hammer handles equipped with handle covers, which can store food for a longer time and save energy. At the same time, it should also be considered that the personal living space will become smaller in the future, and we will increasingly use space-saving refrigerator/stove combinations, which will produce a large temperature in a very limited space. Arkema's elium resin can be used to manufacture thermoplastic composite parts to replace metal parts

a key issue in this regard is the insulation of the cold chain. The smaller the pore diameter of the insulation material, the less the heat loss and the better the insulation performance. Therefore, Bayer materials technology has developed a polyurethane foam with a micron pore diameter. Bayer materials technology calls this system baytherm microcellular foam. Bayer materials technology also cooperates with many partners to develop material solutions for the future logistics concept. One of the currently developed solutions is the Al 2020 concept, which focuses on the new process flow in the end-user environment related to the last kilometer. This is a cargo transportation solution, which can save space, travel, time and resources. Bayer Material should not have a clear dislocation. Material technology has made a contribution to this. It has designed a general box suitable for the whole process chain, which can be used from ordering goods and storage of private families to goods processing. This box is equipped with thermal insulation material made of rigid polyurethane foam, which can extend the shelf life of perishable contents such as food by pressing the start button

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