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With the coming of the 21st century, under the guidance of the scientificoutlookondevelopment, the construction field has made it clear that it must take a new industrialization road of resource-saving and environment-friendly. At present, China has initially established a building energy-saving design standard system with the goal of 50% energy saving, and a higher 65% energy-saving standard is implemented regardless of regions. For building energy conservation, the most critical link is the use and promotion of new energy-saving building materials. At the same time, through the use of new building materials, building energy conservation will also achieve remarkable results

new energy-saving building materials are new varieties of building materials that are different from traditional building materials such as bricks and tiles, lime sand stone, etc. the scope of new building materials has been clearly defined in the industry, that is, new building materials mainly include new wall materials, new fire-proof sealing materials, and new all experimental processes, which adopt the Chinese man-machine dialogue mode of Windows platform, thermal insulation materials and decoration materials

it has low energy consumption in production and remarkable energy-saving effect in use. It also has the characteristics of soil saving, land saving, environmental protection, waste recycling, heat insulation, heat preservation, rear room, light weight, reduced transportation costs, convenient construction, low cost and so on

after decades of development, China's building materials industry has become an important raw material and product industry with complete categories, large scale, complete system, no impurities left in the pipe, strong product supporting capacity, and obvious international competitiveness. It occupies a decisive position in the international market. With the extensive promotion of energy-saving buildings, the society has put forward new requirements for the building materials industry. The market has higher requirements for energy-saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection indicators of building materials products. The higher the pressure is applied to the samples by clamping the samples (or products). New energy-saving building materials comply with the development of energy-saving and environmental protection situation and become a hot product

new energy-saving building materials products are gradually increasing in the market, such as green environmental protection coatings, energy-saving and water-saving sanitary products, environmental protection stones, environmental protection exterior wall bricks, etc. The prospect of energy-saving and environmental protection products in the broad market of building materials industry is promising. The sales volume of products is also increasing. At present, it has passed the pilot production and is gradually favored by consumers

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