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Future development priorities of laser engraving and packaging equipment in China

I. packaging products processing machinery and packaging container processing machinery

1. Multi layer wide high-strength corrugated board and carton equipment. Improve the automation and intelligent control level of continuous corrugated board production, die cutting, indentation, printing and cartoning production lines. Focus on the development of complete sets of equipment, the development of more than 2000mm wide, 5-layer, 7-layer, 9-layer and high-strength corrugated board production equipment and indentation, die cutting, cartoning, printing (including color printing) complete sets of equipment, as well as moisture-proof, printing, cartoning and other multi-functional equipment

2. Pulp molding machinery. Increase the variety of pulp molding machinery products to adapt to the production of pulp molding packaging products with different thickness specifications and packaging functions

3. Metal can packaging container processing equipment. Microcomputer centralized control and frequency conversion technology for steel three piece can production line. Development of steel two-piece can forming equipment. Develop mercury free high-speed welding machines, composite cans, special-shaped cans, spray cans and other complete sets of can making equipment, as well as supporting necking, capping and printing equipment

4. Plastic hollow container processing equipment and mold design and manufacturing technology. Develop efficient and energy-saving extrusion head and wall thickness control system, and develop PET bottle making system

5. Glass bottle making machine. Develop 10 groups and 12 groups of double drop microcomputer controlled molding equipment, and develop the production technology of lightweight bottles

II. Direct packaging machinery

1. Complete sets of beer and beverage equipment. Appropriately develop small and medium-sized beer and beverage canning equipment with a capacity of more than 50000 tons/year, and appropriately develop large beer and beverage canning equipment with a capacity of more than 100000 tons/year, but increase the foam granulator. It is necessary to adapt to the development direction of "centralized production and decentralized canning" in the beverage industry, develop on-site deployment technical equipment (including packing, unloading, sterilization, labeling, in-situ cleaning, etc.), and develop high-speed, low loss, accurate measurement Automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic large-scale equipment. Make the production efficiency of filling, capping and labeling coordinated, and improve the overall technical level of beer and beverage filling

2. Vacuum and air exchange packaging equipment and devices. Focus on the development of continuous vacuum packaging equipment suitable for large bag capacity (1 ~ 10kg), efficient air exchange packaging equipment that fills a variety of gases into the bag in proportion, and vacuum and air exchange devices supporting multi-functional packaging machinery

3. Sterile packaging equipment. Develop sterile packaging systems and supporting equipment for liquid and semi liquid foods, including disposable packaging products for smaller containers and larger intermediate products for subpackaging. Develop aseptic filling system, carton, plastic cup and can forming equipment for aseptic packaging, and aseptic bag type large packaging equipment

4. Bag making forming filling sealing equipment. Develop a series of products suitable for different physical sciences and different packaging weights, solve the adaptability, compatibility and reliability of products, and develop towards multi-function, automation and high speed, develop high-level powder automatic packaging machines, so as to meet the automatic packaging requirements of various powders such as milk powder and washing powder, and focus on the packaging of milk powder, washing powder, starch and finished grain. The development of electronic scale measurement makes it a multi-functional equipment that can be used independently for packaging and can be matched with various container forming, filling and sealing equipment, so as to improve the measurement and filling accuracy and speed of powder and granular materials. A combined weighing machine controlled by calculation is developed to meet the requirements of high-speed and high-precision measurement for the weighing of materials with different rules

5. Multifunctional packaging machinery. Develop a multifunctional packaging machine that integrates container (box, bag, cup) forming, filling, sealing, vacuum and aseptic technology

6. Wrapping and sealing machinery. Including shrinking, stretching, kinking, folding, winding, wrapping machinery and high-frequency heat sealing, pulse, electromagnetic induction, laser, cold sealing, ultrasonic and hot air sealing machines, as well as auxiliary equipment within the term of your contract. In addition to plastic film wrapping equipment, we should pay attention to the development and development of folding paper packaging equipment, and vigorously develop various auxiliary devices supporting wrapping equipment, so as to expand the functions and applications of the host

7. Binding machine. Develop various forms of binding machinery to promote the automation level of fruit and vegetable, daily necessities and industrial material packaging in China

III. packaging and decoration printing machinery

1. Consolidate and develop lithography and compression embossing. Moderately increase flexographic printing, gravure printing and silk printing, and encourage the development of various forms of anti-counterfeiting printing and bar code printing

2. Increase investment in flexographic printing equipment and technical data display. Make the quality of flexographic printing close to the level of lithographic offset printing and gravure printing, and gradually make the structure of the three printing methods of lithographic printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing more reasonable on the macro level

3. Research and develop flexographic printing equipment and apparatus. Focusing on the international advanced level, develop satellite flexographic printing models; An online production line combining flexographic printing with our company's official post press processing (such as glazing, bronzing, die cutting, indentation, etc.); Flexographic printing, offset printing, silk printing and other combined units, and the use of computer control technology. Laser engraved ceramic rollers should be developed for the corrugated rollers, and various geometric shapes of the inking holes of the corrugated rollers should be developed to meet the needs of printing various materials. Plates should be developed in the direction of large format, multiple varieties and specifications

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