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The future of filling machinery will be determined by the standardization of the packaging industry

: in today's highly developed society, the diversity of commodities brings unlimited business opportunities to the packaging industry, making people's lives full of color. At the same time, on the other hand, over packaging has increasingly become a social problem. This excessive packaging is particularly prominent on traditional festivals. From a practical point of view, it greatly wastes social resources and runs counter to the thought of low-carbon society

as a manufacturer of machinery and equipment for packaging goods, it is also desperately adapting to the market and developing complex and changeable non-standard equipment to meet the needs of commodity production enterprises. Sometimes this demand is changeable and uncertain. The function of non-standard machinery does not well reflect the purpose of users, and the equipment will cause downtime, impracticality, even waste and waste of resources

in the whole process, it is not difficult to see that demand commodity packaging enterprises will design more distinctive packaging forms in order to make commodities more colorful; Machinery manufacturers that provide packaging equipment with non-standard and reliability tests, follow the requirements of packaging enterprises, and invest more resources in research and development

the above behaviors promote the development of society to a certain extent, but the other side of things is like over packaging. Nowadays, quantitatively packaged commodities such as powders, granules, liquids, pastes, tablets, etc. appear in various forms of packaging, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, and plastic bags

a kind of glass bottle has divided into tens of thousands of bottle types. In order to adapt to these bottles, the filling machine has to develop the so-called universal filling machine. The filling measurement is from 0 to infinity, and the equipment can adapt to all bottle types. The filling accuracy, stability and practicality of the equipment are greatly reduced

if there is a standard in the packaging industry in the future, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the development of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. For a commodity, effective packaging forms and effective packaging specifications are stipulated, and the most appropriate filling equipment is recommended, which undoubtedly makes a qualitative change in resources and efficiency. 8. Digital display resolution: 0.1 ℃, Therefore, the future development orientation of filling machinery is determined by the standardization of the packaging industry

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