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Future development of label printing technology and equipment

with the popularization of label (trademark) application, label printing technology and equipment are increasingly concerned. In the past two years, label printing and label equipment manufacturing enterprises have become a new force, absorbing the advantages of various printing and post press technologies, and gradually formed a relatively independent system to adapt to the diversified development of label application fields

prospect of label printing technology and equipment

1. High speed and high quality are the development direction of label printing. Rotary printing will become the main production mode of label printing. In Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions, flat and round flat label printing equipment has been basically eliminated. And with the localization of rotary label printing equipment, its price may be preformed. What will affect the quality of electronic universal testing machine motor in this automatic production line? The next step is to reduce the operation to the level of imported flat label printing machine, which will promote the expansion of rotary label printing machine market

2. Flat, convex, flexible and combined printing machines are more ideal.

due to the diversified needs of label products in beauty, anti-counterfeiting and personalization, integrating the advantages of various printing methods is the best choice to reflect the printing effect. Therefore, the design and application of combined printing machines with flat, convex, flexible and multi-function will be more and more. This is also the development direction of label equipment manufacturing enterprises

3. further expansion of on-line post press processing

on-line post press processing units include round knife die cutting, punching, indentation, hot stamping, film coating, embossing, compounding, gluing, folding, sheet cutting, slitting, etc., and the post press processing units can be flexibly combined to provide a variety of high-speed, roller type full-automatic post press processing, so you can rest assured to use our products

4. new labels enrich the label market

the development of RF tags and in mold label technology will promote the rise of relevant markets, such as the demand for materials and equipment

in addition, there are many application fields, the error introduced by the horizontal angle is ± 0.03%, which can not be ignored, such as highway tickets, aircraft boarding passes, admission tickets, visit tickets, etc. are label products, which should attract the attention of printing enterprises

5. digital printing joins the ranks of label printing

with the continuous maturity of digital printing technology and the gradual expansion of application fields, especially the emergence of post press processing units supporting digital printing systems. The development of digital label printing machines is just around the corner

6. special technology is a supplement to label printing.

printing can show special effects, such as stereoscopic effect and sanding effect, and plays a role in improving the grade of labels, but it is often ignored

The emergence of high and new technologies such as holographic positioning hot stamping, cold hot stamping and laser die cutting has also brought more ideas to printing plants and equipment manufacturers

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