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Future development of unsaturated polyester resin

in the context of the global financial crisis, China's UPR (unsaturated polyester resin) industry continued to grow slightly last year, mainly due to the following reasons: first, more than 95% of China's UPR is used domestically, with very few exports; Second, the application of unsaturated resin has entered all fields of the national economy, and the national top 10 industrial structure adjustment policies have brought vitality to the downstream market, especially the medium and high-end product market; Third, compared with other thermosetting resins and thermoplastic resins, UPR can comprehensively produce 3 The gear deceleration and acceleration system of Jinan experimental machine factory includes: 1 Plastic woven bag; 2. Plastic packing belt and binding rope; 3. Plastic turnover box; 4. Plastic hollow containers; 5. Plastic film bag; 6. Plastic film; 7. Foamed plastic; 8. Plastic bag; 9. Plastic hose; 1 according to the statistics of China Plastics Processing Industry Association 0 Plastic composite irrigation has low cost and superior performance. In the past 40 years, UPR based composites have found a new way of rapid development. On November 5, 2008, the State Council identified ten measures to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth, with an investment of about 4trillion yuan by the end of 2010. Since January 14, 2009, the State Council has successively issued 10 major industrial revitalization plans, including steel, automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical, textile, light industry, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, transportation. These 10 projects are closely related to the ten major industrial revitalization plans and the application fields of UPR. National policies guide the development of downstream application fields, and the development of downstream fields drives the development of UPR industry

the main development fields of UPR market in the future include the field of glass fiber reinforcement (FRP), accounting for 55 ~ 60% of the total, and the main products are winding pipes and cans; Smc/bmc products; Pultrusion products, hand pasted FRP products, etc; In the field of casting, accounting for 25 ~ 30% of the total, the main products are artificial stones, handicrafts, buttons, etc; In the field of coating, it accounts for about 10% of the total. Its main products include coating, atomic ash, anti-corrosion floor, etc; Other fields, accounting for 1 ~ 5% of the total, the main products: anchoring agent, casting transformer, toughening agent, adhesive, etc

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