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With the rapid development of smart home, more and more homes begin to introduce intelligent systems and devices. The content covered by the intelligent system has also developed from a simple way to a combination of various ways. However, compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, China's smart home system started a little late, so the current mainstream products (Systems) in the market can not well solve the contradiction between the product itself and the market demand, making the ice of the smart home market has not been completely broken, so it has hindered the development of the smart home industry to a great extent. In this case, from the perspective of product (system) technology, what is the way to solve this problem? According to market research, only smart home interactive platform is one of the best means to control ambient temperature, humidity, continuous working time, power supply voltage, etc

characteristics of the mainstream smart home system in the current market

according to experts, as far as the current smart home market is concerned, the touch screen is the operation and control core of the whole smart home system, and the function strength of the system depends on the function strength of the touch screen. It has the following characteristics:

1. As the main control and management platform of smart home

smart terminal undertakes the control and management center of smart home system, Due to the structure of the system, the system can only be configured with other control subsystems of the original manufacturer, such as home alarm subsystem, building intercom system, etc., and usually with rs458, TCP, IP and manufacturer specific control bus. It is difficult to expand the control system of other brands. At the same time, most intelligent terminals use embedded systems, generally using arm plus DSP chip as the core CPU and Linux operating system of the control terminal. In this case, intelligent terminal 5. Maximum tightening space: 400mm; As the control and management core of the system, if the system is separated from it, it cannot operate normally, and all functional terminals must operate under the control and management of intelligent terminals

2. Control logic, system management ability has been determined before leaving the factory

as a control product (system), its function, control ability, control mode and management ability of the system must be determined in advance. Users choose whether it meets their own requirements according to its function, control mode and management ability, that is, users choose products (Systems), The product (system) can not fully meet the user

3. It is difficult to coexist with multiple screens, and the control objects are bundled in advance

for villas and houses, multiple control terminals are often required. Such a system structure is usually difficult to connect multiple intelligent control terminals, because there can be no multiple control centers and management centers in a system, which will lead to confusion in management and control logic. At the same time, because the system has been determined in advance, its control objects have been bound in advance, such as the number of defense areas for alarm, the number of light control circuits, the number of dimming control channels, etc. users may sometimes be limited by the system if they want to make changes according to their own use conditions

because the intelligent terminal has the above characteristics, to a large extent, it is not completely consistent with the actual needs of the current market, so there is an urgent need for a system and platform that can not only make up for the shortcomings of the current intelligent system, but also give full play to the advantages of intelligence. The smart home interactive platform meets such needs

what does the interactive platform bring to the smart home system

1. It changes with the continuous changes of people's lives

as a family, its lifestyle and living requirements change with the changes of society, and the smart home system should also meet the needs of its owners. It is the core of smart home. Usually, the change of family demand is often the change of front-end equipment. The interactive platform can adapt to various changes, such as the brand change of equipment, the function change, the control logic change, the change of operation habits, and the increase of the tariff to 25%. 2. The operation is simple, breaking through the price black box. The interactive platform provides customized functions and operation menus, as well as various intelligent terminals, making the operation simple and convenient, In addition, the interactive platform has the function of database management. The system can learn from itself and optimize the control mode, which truly reflects "intelligence". Interactive flat smart home is an open system. Users can configure their own smart home system according to their own needs. The control of system investment cost is completely in their hands. Products (Systems) are selected by end users, and their price bottleneck must be broken. Our current household appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, microwave ovens,) are the best examples

3. Let users get rid of control and take charge of the system

the interactive platform can truly realize "intelligence", automatically optimize the control system, and automatically learn the master's living habits, so as to get users out of control. At the same time, the biggest feature of the smart home interaction platform is that when the system platform is established, all other control systems can be selected by users, because the interaction platform has various control, communication interfaces and protocols, and our users are the real masters of the system

4. Information services provide an interactive platform, leaving only what is needed

customized information can be pre stored in the platform through the interactive platform, and even browsing and interaction can be carried out. In particular, through the interactive platform, richer content can be provided, opening up a way for content operation. Through operation, services can be provided for home furnishings, which is a supplement to the popularization and cultivation of the market. At the same time, the system configuration of smart home can be a "menu" choice. I need to stay and supplement what I need in the future. Truly achieve "I am the master of my territory". At the same time, DIY makes the family atmosphere more harmonious. Because of the vivid operation interface, users can directly design the interface suitable for their personality. Smart and diverse front-end devices can make the system a member of the family and be in harmony with the home atmosphere

smart home interactive platform is the trend of smart home development.

smart home interactive platform is a platform with interactive ability, and through the platform, various different systems, protocols, information, content and control can be interacted and exchanged in different subsystems. It has the following characteristics:

1. Each subsystem can operate independently from the interactive platform

in the smart home interactive platform, each subsystem can operate independently when it is separated from the interactive platform, such as building intercom, home alarm, various electrical control, access control, home entertainment, etc. The subsystem operates under the management of the interactive platform, which can collect the operation data of each subsystem and realize the linkage of the system

2. Products of different brands and different control transmission protocols can interact through this platform

due to the interactive platform, different subsystems can work together and operate under the unified management of the user delivery platform. Data exchange and sharing can give users the maximum choice and fully reflect the personalization of smart home. At the same time, it also has related functions. Through the interactive platform, it can connect with the wide area to realize remote control and remote management. It has a variety of mainstream control interfaces, such as RS485, RS232, TCP, IP, etc. at the same time, it can expand and add popular control interfaces at home and abroad, such as EIB, longwork, CE bus, CANbus, and wireless networks, such as WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth, etc. According to the changes of customers and the market, the driving software and hardware interfaces of various buses and systems are continuously increased, and a variety of communication and control interfaces are enriched to provide basic guarantee for the diverse choices of subsystems. The smart home has the maximum inclusiveness, and users have more choices

3. The intelligent terminal (touch screen) is only used as the display and operation interface of each subsystem.

the whole system operates under the control and management of the platform, and the intelligent terminal (touch screen) is only used as the display and operation interface of each subsystem. The configuration of multiple intelligent terminals is easy and feasible. At the same time, it can record the operation data of each subsystem and provide basis for system operation optimization and self-learning. The interactive platform can record and store the operation data of each system, provide effective historical data for the operation of the system, and summarize the owner's usage habits and some laws according to the historical operation data, so that the system can learn by itself

4. The control software is programmable (DIY) and provides information services

this system is convenient for users to change the control logic, control mode and operation interface. The user's control logic and operation interface can be customized and DIY. In the modern smart home system, information service is a very important and indispensable part. With information service, it gives more "wisdom" to smart home, provides more information and information to our life, and endows smart home with more vivid life. It is a higher realm of smart home. Information services include: health, cooking, traffic information, common sense of life, infant feeding, children's education, daily shopping, community information, home control experts, etc. smart home is not only a control oriented system, but a system that combines information services and control organically

6. Various control means

in daily home life, in order to make our family control system control at any time and obtain the required information at any time, the form of operation terminal is very important, and various forms of intelligent operation terminal are essential, such as intelligent remote controller, mobile touch screen, computer, PDA, etc

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