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Future development trend of printing technology

proofing is a key link between prepress and printing in the current printing industry based on computer technology, networking technology, new materials and complex processes. It is an important means of quality control and management in printing production. It is extremely important to control printing quality and reduce printing risks and costs. With the digitalization of content expression and process control, the product cycle is decreasing day by day, and the production efficiency is rapidly improving. Therefore, the requirements for proofing technology for quality control and product inspection in the printing production process are becoming higher and higher

digital proofing and its production process

digital proofing refers to a new proofing technology based on the digital publishing and printing system, which processes the page graphic information according to the publishing and printing production standards and norms in the publishing and printing production process, and directly outputs color samples, that is, directly outputs printing samples using digitized originals. This instrument is very suitable for use in factories. It uses a large format printer to directly output proofing digitally to replace the traditional lengthy Proofing processes such as film making and printing. The digital proofing system is generally composed of color inkjet printer or color laser printer, and through color printing and simulating the color of proofing, the verification sample is obtained with the digitized original (electronic document)

1. digital proofing system. The digital proofing system is based on the digital publishing and printing system (cip3/cip4), which uses the same page of graphic information (RIP data) to reproduce the color graphic information by the computer and its related equipment and software, and controls the quality of the printing production process. At present, the digital proofing system is composed of two parts: leap-x engine code proofing output equipment and digital proofing software, which are equipped for COMAC C919. Digital color management and color control technology are used to achieve high fidelity to match the printing color gamut with the color gamut of digital proofing. Among them, digital proofing output equipment refers to any color printer that can output in a digital way, such as the most commonly used large format color inkjet printer in China that can meet the requirements of publishing and printing; Digital proofing control software is the core and key of digital proofing system, mainly including rip, color management software, large version software, etc., to complete the digital addition of pages, page splicing, and the matching of ink gamut and print ink gamut. For example, at present, the most representative is the high-tech blackmagic digital proofing system using real point technology

2. Digital proofing process. The process of digital proofing is: receiving page electronic files rip digital proofing. Working procedures include: system setting - electronic document acceptance - large version - selection of proofing materials - digital proofing. Usually, a set of folio four-color digital proofing takes 15-30min. A good set of digital proofing software can control multiple digital proofing machines, so the production efficiency is very high

digital proofing is not only different from the printing method of traditional proofing machine round flattening, but also different from the printing method of printing machine round flattening. Based on the color range of printed matter color and rip data that is the same as the printing content, it uses color printing with larger color gamut space to match the printing method with smaller color gamut space to reproduce the printing color, which can meet the requirements of flat, concave, convex, soft, and other printing methods, It can also make samples according to the actual printing situation of users, which solves the problem that proofing cannot match the subsequent actual printing process, which brings difficulties to printing

3. Advantages and disadvantages of digital proofing. Compared with traditional proofing, digital proofing has the following advantages: ① less equipment investment, small floor area and low environmental requirements. ② Save human resources, reduce costs, and rely less on the experience of operators. ③ Fast speed, stable quality, strong repeatability and low cost. ④ Wide adaptability, especially suitable for direct plate making, gravure printing, flexo printing and other processes that cannot be proofed or are not easy to proofed. It can not only simulate the effect of various printing methods, but also combine with CTP (computer direct plate making) and the digital equipment of digital printing machine. The external torque is called torque or external torque, which truly realizes the automatic workflow

there are shortcomings in the applicability of digital proofing compared with traditional proofing: ① spot color proofing, except for a few professional digital proofing systems such as high-tech black magic, although the digital proofing system supports spot color, it actually uses CMYK four colors to represent a fixed spot color, which is not exactly the same as the spot color used in printing, similar to the inking of special color in printing. ② The dot structure is different. Except for a few digital proofing with true dots such as gaoshu black magic, it basically uses frequency modulation dot or spotless dye sublimation technology, which is completely different from the traditional dot proofing draft of the previous printing operators. The printing operators need a period of time to adapt to and accept the results of digital proofing

application points of digital proofing

the product quality, production efficiency and ease of use of digital proofing system are loved by people in the industry, showing a good development trend and application prospects. However, because the basis and application objectives of digital proofing technology are not exactly the same as those of traditional proofing, the following application points must be paid attention to in order to accurately understand digital proofing:

1. Point structure. The dot structure used in the digital proofing method is not exactly the same as the traditional printing dot structure at present, and it is difficult to detect the potential moire fault in printing. Printers must use the tone matching control method to check the printing quality in the printing process, rather than the traditional dot structure matching formula method

2. color control method. The digital proofing system is different from the traditional proofing that controls the color through the field density and point value. The color control method of color matching is used to establish the consistency between the printing gamut and the printing gamut, that is, to establish ICC profile. It can match different printing methods, different printing materials and different production environments

digital proofing is a new technology and a key link in the digital production process of modern printing. In eliminating the influence of human and external factors, it greatly improves the stability of proofing output, shortens the proofing process, and reduces the proofing cost. As an important part of the digitalization of printing process, digital proofing determines that the future proofing must use digital proofing technology and eliminate traditional proofing, which has become an inevitable development trend of the printing industry

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