During the hottest National Day holiday, 2950 nigh

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During the National Day holiday, the city's 2950 night scene lighting carriers lit up the night sky of Ludao

Lujiang night tour (during the National Day holiday, the relevant municipal governments divided into districts) ushered in the peak passenger flow, and cruise ships shuttled back and forth on both sides of Lujiang River. Wang Huoyan aerial camera

during the National Day holiday, 2950 night scene lighting carriers in the city lit up the night sky of Ludao, the theme night tour continued to heat up, the tourism "Banquet" in Xiamen was brilliant, and the general public and tourists enjoyed the cultural and tourism night life

before the festival, Xiamen art light show appeared on CCTV channel Oriental time and space. This light and shadow feast shone throughout the National Day holiday. Driven by the bright night scenery, Lujiang night tour ushered in a new round of passenger flow peak, and an endless stream of tourists boarded the boat to enjoy the scenery sensor. In addition, the upgraded Yuanbo garden moonlight ring night scene streamed and reflected the night sky, and the egret goddess light show and music fountain regularly staged every night in Bailuzhou Park attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to stop and enjoy

last night, the newly introduced large-scale war epic live drama "battle horse wind and cloud" was staged in the dream coast scenic area of Guanyin Mountain. "It clearly reproduces the story of the national hero Zheng Chenggong's expulsion of the Dutch colonists and the recovery of Taiwan, the scene is intense and very shocking!" Chen, a tourist from Quanzhou, defined the ratio of stress to corresponding strain when the ideal material has small deformation, Jin Gong said pleasantly. During the National Day holiday, various business forms of Guanyin Mountain dream Coast Resort gathered to create a "night world" with flowing lights

looking at the whole city, the occupancy rate of B & B in zengcuolong area was about 95% in the first five days of the holiday; The night opening of scenic spots such as yuanboyuan, Lingling International Circus City and Fangte tourist area has also attracted a large number of tourists... The development of "night tourism" in Xiamen not only attracts a large number of tourists, but also gradually changes the living habits of citizens, driving the prosperity and development of night 01 and general performance economy. (Wu Junning)

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