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On the 24th, the domestic steel index (myspic) composite index closed at 124.56 points, down 0.03% from the previous trading day. The futures conch ended higher with a strong market mentality, so today's steel spot market as a whole showed a consolidation and stabilization trend, and all varieties also showed stable fluctuations. At present, the overall environment of the steel market has not changed significantly. Towards the end of the month, it is difficult for downstream users to release their demand significantly due to capital constraints, and the short-term consolidation operation is temporary

on April 24, the Longwood index was reported at 136.62 points, down 0.07% from the previous trading day. Futures snail 1410 ended higher in shock, rising 1.26% to 3283. Today, the construction steel market is consolidating and stabilizing. The price in Hangzhou has increased by 20 yuan/ton, while the price in Nanchang, Changsha and Wuhan has decreased by 10 yuan/ton, and the price in other regions is stable. The futures market continued to rise today, which significantly boosted the overall market mentality. Affected by this, prices in Hangzhou rose. With the improvement of the weather around, the downstream demand has rebounded, and traders are not willing to ship at low prices. Before the May Day holiday, some markets may see a concentrated release of demand, and prices in these regions are expected to rise steadily. On the 24th, the price of HRB400 (20mm) deformed steel bars in 25 major markets nationwide was 3352 yuan/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day

on April 24, the flat material index was reported at 113hc:ha+710 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac.02 points, up 0.01% from the previous trading day. Among them, the hot rolled coil index rose by 0.02%, and the medium and heavy plate index fell by 0.02%. Today, the price of hot-rolled coil fluctuated slightly. The price in Guangzhou fell by 20 yuan/ton, while the price in Zhengzhou and Handan rose by 10-20 yuan/ton, and other market prices remained stable. The market demand in Guangzhou is weak, and the on-site transactions are general. However, due to the continuous shortage of goods in this area recently, the market inventory is low, and the shortage phenomenon is common, the risk of a sharp price correction is small. In recent two days, as the futures price has stopped falling and stabilized, the mentality of the spot market has improved. Some businesses expressed their willingness to explore the rise slightly, but the overall downstream demand of the market is not much, and the way of price rise still needs to wait. On the 24th, the price of 3.0mm hot rolled coil in 24 markets nationwide was 3514 yuan/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day

this unit has the function of automatic zero adjustment. Today, the domestic medium and heavy plate market is mainly stable, and the prices in Wuhan, Shijiazhuang and Shenyang have declined by 10-20 yuan/ton. Considering the poor sales volume in Shanghai market yesterday and the analysis and adjustment of the performance characteristics of common universal material testing machines under the lock order price of northern production enterprises, some traders chose to reduce the price for promotion, and the mainstream price fell slightly by 10 yuan/ton. Traders said that in the short term, the replenishment of new goods of Shanghai medium and heavy plate is still not much advanced non-ferrous materials, and the shortage of some specifications has not been alleviated for the time being. It is expected that the mainstream price will be adjusted in a narrow range. The purchasing enthusiasm of downstream customers in Beijing market is still poor, and the shortage of funds is still the main reason. At present, the market mentality is generally stable, and there is a great possibility of short-term price consolidation in a narrow range. On the 24th, the price of 20mm medium plate in 24 major markets across the country was reported at 3518 yuan/ton, down 2 yuan/ton from the previous trading day

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