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During the year, thousands of pure electric logistics vehicles went on the road, and the first batch of more than 300 vehicles entered the logistics industry in Dongguan within one month. Recently, it was learned from the signing agreement between Dongguan Xinwo Xingheng new energy car rental Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Zhiding Logistics Distribution Co., Ltd. that by the end of this year, 1000 pure electric logistics trucks will enter Dongguan logistics distribution enterprises

200 mobile charging vehicles are on the road at the same time

4. Good radiation resistance

according to Zhang Desheng, chairman of Dongguan Xinwo Xingheng new energy car rental Co., Ltd., in recent years, many cities and enterprises have put forward the replacement requirements of new energy logistics vehicles for the logistics and express industry. For example, cainiaoluo plans to replace 1million new energy logistics vehicles, and JD also proposes to replace all traditional fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles in the next five years, The inlet temperature of Dongguan Xinwo shell side is 120 (1) 25 degrees. The requirements of Xingheng new energy for plastics are mainly two points: Car Rental Co., Ltd. is subordinate to watmar innovation alliance. It is one of the domestic pure electric logistics transportation platforms, providing professional pure electric logistics vehicle rental, sharing, charging, mobile power replenishment and other services

according to the agreement signed by the two companies yesterday, the first batch of more than 300 new energy pure electric trucks will enter the logistics industry in Dongguan within one month, and the number of new energy pure electric trucks entering the logistics industry in Dongguan is expected to increase to 1000 this year

according to Zhang Desheng, in the future, drivers driving new energy trucks do not need to buy vehicles, but only need to rent. The monthly rent of a vehicle is 4000 yuan, and the charging, maintenance, insurance, repair and other matters of the vehicle are in the charge of Dongguan Xinwo Xingheng new energy vehicle Leasing Co., Ltd

"how to solve the charging problem after the new energy logistics vehicle is on the road?" In this regard, Zhang Desheng said that on the one hand, the company is actively communicating with relevant government departments and striving to obtain assistance in the construction and operation qualification, site and electricity of charging piles. On the other hand, the company will invest 150-200 mobile charging vehicles to instantly charge all kinds of pure electric new energy trucks running on the road

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