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As the European debt crisis intensifies and the current situation in Italy is volatile, the Italian problem is likely to become the trigger for a new round of economic crisis. The euro zone's confidence in rescuing Greece was frustrated, and there was no result in rescuing Italy, while Germany, France and other economies were affected. Therefore, the market expects that this will also have an impact on the commodity market. The domestic commodity futures market was mixed today. The sensor tests of the whole line of commodity futures in early trading are mainly high opening after the stop result test of the sensor. Due to the intraday rise, the seal ring or combination pad should be replaced in time, and the narrow range of vibration in midday trading depends on the cycle time of less than 2S

Liansu main contract 1201 showed a downward trend today. In the early trading, it opened slightly higher than the 9715 line, and showed a shock consolidation trend after the opening. Nearly half an hour later, the futures price gradually fell until the early closing. At present, the trend of crude oil is relatively strong, which supports the cost of plastics. In addition, some petrochemical enterprises continue to raise the ex factory price, which also plays a role in boosting the futures price. However, the demand for plastics continues to be sluggish, and the downstream is more wait-and-see market. Therefore, the late afternoon opening price continued to decline. The price fell sharply near the early closing, falling below 9500, with the lowest price of 9490. Subsequently, 1201 bottomed out and rebounded, but it was not strong enough. Finally, it closed down 110 to 9535, down 1.14%. The K-line closed at the small Yin line and stabilized its 10 day moving average. As the market maintained a questioning attitude towards the uncertainty of the prospect of the European debt crisis, and according to the experiments of international research institutions, Liansu was in the consolidation stage, and the market trading was not active. Today, the transaction volume was significantly reduced to 480010 hands, and the position was reduced to 150936. Because the market supply pressure is large and the demand continues to be depressed, it is expected that the market will continue to fluctuate after Liansu

pvc main contract 1201 fell slightly by 0.53% today, with the closing price of 6605, down 35. The K line closed at the small negative line, and the moving average system failed to have a clear indication. On the whole, it showed a trend of high opening and low going today. In the morning, after a small high opening shock, the futures price fluctuated broadly and went low. After the opening of the afternoon market, the price rebounded, but the strength was not strong, and turned around and continued to decline until the close. Affected by real estate regulation, the real estate market has weakened. The overall demand is not good, making participants lack confidence. It is expected that PVC in the future market will still be dominated by weak shocks, and short-term shorting in operation

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