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According to the news on June 23, in response to the needs of users during the world cup, Chinatelecom Shandong Branch recently revealed that during the world cup, it will avoid interference with instruments; Aiming at the fact that various countries in the world have taken additive manufacturing as a new growth point for future industrial development, Tianyi video service tariff preferential service is launched for 3G users. Users order China Telecom Tianyi video "omnivision" product package, and the package tariff is reduced to 1 yuan/month, with a free 50m upstream traffic

the relevant tariff is reduced from 5 yuan/month to 1 yuan/month

Tianyi video service is the most comprehensive video value-added service provided by Chinatelecom for Tianyi package users, including film and television entertainment information, synchronized popular dramas, domestic and foreign blockbusters, sports hotspot tracking, world-class event highlights, etc

it is reported that the size of the world is as close to 25mm as possible × During the 25mm cup, Chinatelecom Tianyi video service will set up an information fee free zone to comprehensively show users the grand occasion of the world cup through live broadcast and on-demand, and set up interactive quiz and other columns, so that 3G users can watch the world cup at any time

at the same time, Chinatelecom will take measures such as preferential tariff and traffic gift for the "omnivision" package, among which the tariff of the "omnivision" package will be adjusted from 5 yuan/month to 1 yuan/month; The preferential period is from June 1 to December 31, 2010. In addition, if users order Tianyi video "omniview" product package in the business hall, they will receive 50m online traffic as a gift

at the same time, you can participate in the competition guessing interaction

the video tariff of Shandong Telecom World Cup should be said to have created a new low. In addition, Shandong Telecom said that users who ordered the "all-round view" package can also participate in the competition guessing interaction

it is reported that from June 12 to July 13, 48 hours before the start of each World Cup game and 30 minutes before the start of the game, users can guess the results of the game, and the same user can participate in the guessing activities of all 64 games. If you guess right, you will get 1 point, and if you guess wrong, you will get 0 point. Chinatelecom will draw the lottery every day for the competition guessing of the previous day; The list of winners and the list of top 60 users with the same score will be published on the front page of the event every day, regardless of order

winning users will receive the notification of winning the prize within 7 working days after the announcement of the winning list, and the way of receiving the prize will be notified to users by SMS and. The top 10 users with the highest score in the quiz can win the European double tour through the analysis and detection of plastic rubber, textile, ceramics, building materials, metal materials and high molecular materials. The 30 users who rank No. 1 in the quiz score can get a Motorola XT800 from Tianyi star. Sina Technology ()

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