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The world's third largest professional brand exhibition will be held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. 006 China International Printing and billboard industry exhibition and 2006 China International Digital Printing Exhibition will be held in Ningbo from November 16 to 19. The exhibition has been held for 20 consecutive sessions, becoming the third largest professional brand exhibition in the world's printing and imaging industry, and also the largest professional 8:01 exhibition in the Asia Pacific region

it is understood that this exhibition will attract more than 20000 visitors from nearly 20 countries including Europe, the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, Taiwan and other countries as well as domestic countries. During the exhibition, more than 300 exhibitors will bring more than a thousand new products that have just been developed, mainly including high, medium and low-grade printing equipment and materials suitable for printing different products, special equipment suitable for current digital printing and fashionable personalized printing, advertising production equipment and materials

the diamond cone exhibition will also open a "boutique exhibition area" to display China's samples that have just won the gold medal of the International Association and more than 100 award-winning works from the Asia Pacific printing boutique and the 12th gold medal of the Henghui cup. Michel CASA, former president of the European Association, will bring his newly created works to the exhibition

according to Pei Guifan, vice president of the China Association of printing and image making, this exhibition is the first grand meeting of Indian colleagues at home and abroad in Ningbo. All colleagues attach great importance to this grand meeting. During the exhibition, the China Association of printing and image making will also organize the establishment meeting and seminar of professional committees

source: Zhongxin Zhejiang

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