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A brief analysis of the coloring process of glass craft wine bottles

various glass craft wine bottles are not only used as a wine container, but also a handicraft that can be appreciated. There are various designs and colors of glass craft wine bottles. The following is a brief introduction to the coloring process of glass craft wine bottles by Zhonghua glass

1. Color process:

the top process is the chemical formula: according to the physical and chemical characteristics of different metal elements, different colors are produced by firing different colors and mixing metal elements.

adding gold ----- red,

adding silver ----- yellow,

adding calcium ----- green,

adding cobalt ----- blue

add ammonium ----- purple,

add copper ----- agate color,

add lithium oxide ----- marble color

2. Spraying process:

is a high-temperature baking coloring technology, which can be used inside and outside the glass bottle embryo, not only in the crystal Lin bottle embryo, but also in the lead crystal bottle embryo (such as machine-made gold coated series, simple gold coated series, color triangle redrawing gold.) Table surface painting of spring type microcomputer force application system, such as spraying color inside classical series products, such as machine-made gold-plated series and simple gold-plated series

3. Surface painting:

glass process wine bottles are partially glazed on the outside. Some color raw materials contain cadmium. For example, if the temperature is less than 10 ℃ or more than 00 ℃ when coloring, cadmium is easy to be released from the products when using, which will cause damage to the human brain and nervous system with the aging temperature rise, Therefore, temperature control must be accurate. Generally, the temperature of small factories is controlled manually

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