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A brief analysis of tool setting methods and skills of double head CNC lathes in modern manufacturing systems, CNC technology is the key technology. With the development of CNC technology, CNC machining tools are widely used. A skilled double head CNC lathe operator must master the basic skill of tool setting. In actual production, the efficiency and error of tool setting directly affect the efficiency of NC machining and the accuracy of machined parts

the tool setting methods of different double head CNC lathes are slightly different. These attractive products have generated a lot of hype, but the tool setting principle is basically the same. As long as we know the tool setting principle of the CNC system and combine the operating instructions of the specific system, we can carry out the tool setting operation. However, there are many tool setting methods for CNC system, which requires us to know the advantages, disadvantages and service conditions of various tool setting methods

I. why set the tool?

generally, we perform NC deep hole machining on a certain part. First, the NC programmers analyze the design drawings of the parts, determine the processing scheme, and then select a point on the workpiece as the origin of the coordinate system for programming, which we call the program coordinate system and the program origin. The determination principle of this point is easy to determine and facilitate programming and calculation. It generally coincides with the process benchmark or design benchmark of the part, so it is also called the workpiece origin. The coordinate system established by this is also called the workpiece coordinate system. NC programming is based on the workpiece coordinate system, and parts processing is carried out on the NC lathe. After the CNC lathe is powered on, if the incremental encoder is used as the system detection element, the reference point must be returned manually. The purpose is to establish a unified benchmark for the position measurement, control and display of the CNC lathe, so as to establish the coordinate system of the machine tool. If the absolute encoder is used as the detection element of the system, the coordinate system of the NC Lathe will be established at the same time after the lathe is powered on, and it is not necessary to manually return to the reference point. Now we can know that there is no connection between the workpiece coordinate system and the machine tool coordinate system. In order to connect the two, we need to set the tool

II. FANUC system has three methods to determine the workpiece coordinate system.

the first method is to directly input the tool offset value into the parameters through tool setting to obtain the workpiece coordinate system. This method is simple and reliable. Through the close connection between the tool deviation and the mechanical coordinate system, as long as the advanced technology and concept of German passive house are absorbed and introduced through the cooperation project, the workpiece

coordinate system will not change as long as the tool is not unloaded and the tool deviation value is not changed. Even if the blade is replaced, as long as it is slightly modified, the workpiece setting system will still be in the original position, and the coordinates will not be added to its mechanical function system position through appropriate heat treatment process if the power is cut off or the machine tool is restarted

the second method is to specify a value after G50 in the program to set the workpiece coordinate system. After tool setting, it is necessary to move the point on the tool, such as the tool tip on April 8th, 2015, to the coordinate position set by G50 before machining

the third method is to use MDI to set six coordinate systems, G54-G59. This coordinate system can change its position through the external workpiece zero offset value or workpiece zero offset value. The three methods to change the external workpiece zero point offset value or workpiece zero point offset value are input from MDI panel, programmed with G10 or G50, and input with external data

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